What does Lion’s Gate mean for you? (Love and Money!)

Happy Tuesday and Lion’s Gate (August 8, 88 energy)!

What the heck does that mean?

Good news! I made a short video for you-I’ve been up since 5:30am and Spirit was like, “Go outside right now and make a video.” So I did.

It’s such an important next week for relationships, self-esteem and even money and I want you to take full advantage of it.

Watch below:

Announcement: Also, in celebration of Venus in Leo and the Lion’s Gate portal, it’s the perfect time for adornment. I don’t know about you, but when I am feeling low, not as confident or just when I need an extra boost, my go-to remedy is CRYSTALS, gemstone jewelry and beauty!

In the spirit of expansion and generosity, I’ve partnered with Conscious Items, a high vibe online company known for their exceptional jewelry, crystals and philanthropy. For every purchase, they plant a tree. How cool is that?!

So in support of your self-care practice and tapping into your personal power, check out this gorgeous bracelet designed specifically for that and other gorgeous items!

Ready to shine? August is here! (your message inside)

Happy August!

It’s a power-packed month, so let’s dive right in!

Watch the August Oracle Monthly Message below!

Have a brilliant month Goddesses!

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Ready to Exhale? Welcome to July!

It’s time to breathe, Goddess.

Can you do it with me? Inhale….and exhale.

Let go…..

July invites you to embrace all the love and beauty that surrounds you that you may not be seeing right now.

If life has felt a bit challenging or confusing, the energies of this month are here to support you and remind you of what gets to receive your attention and energy, and what doesn’t.

Watch the full July Oracle Message below:

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