Ready for Luxury + Pleasure? Your New Moon *Love Message Inside!

Happy New Moon in Taurus and Tuesday!

I’m so excited that today’s blog fell on the actual New Moon because it is a stunning one, ripe with beauty, pleasure, abundance and miracles if you allow it.

I made a video for you and pulled 3 oracle messages to help you integrate this new moon message. When you watch, for added benefit, have a sheet of paper nearby and pause after each card asking, “What could this mean for me?” Write down whatever nudges your intuition is giving you!

Watch below:

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Ready for Adventure? April is Here!

Hi Beautiful!

Happy April to you-I don’t know about you, but I feel like this year is simultaneously zipping by and also some days have felt like I’ve lived a lifetime!

Can you relate at all?

I’m super sensitive to energy, and if you’re in my community, I’m going to bet you are too-so sending you tons of Divine love, hugs and reminders to slow down, breathe and remember that no matter what you’re going through, you have a choice to see things as happening for you vs. to you.

April is a hang-on-to-yer-hat kinda vibe, so expect the unexpected and embrace the spirit of adventure if you can!

I was guided to record the April message live without interpreting cards or messages ahead of time, and with the upcoming Solar Eclipse in Aries, this let’s-see-what-happens energy is right in line!

Check it out below:

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Lunar Eclipse in Libra – Time to Partner Up!

Happy Lunar Eclipse week and Tuesday!

When it comes to relationships, this week packs a punch. It’s an ideal time to clean up agreements, make amends, draw some lines in the sand and observe where you may feel out of balance.

For more, please check out the short Eclipse video below:

Eclipses bring endings but it’s nothing to fear. What is wrapping up right now, including the month of March (how did that happen?!) is for your Highest Good.

I’d love to know-what is one highlight or lesson you are taking with you as we finish this month? Leave a comment below!

Much love,