Birthday Reflections

Happy Tuesday Goddess!

Before we dive into today’s post, I just want to say Thank you to everyone for all the beautiful Birthday blessings, wishes and kind messages.

I feel so grateful and wanted to share some of the wisdom that came up in my birthday reflection this year that can help you with relationships and life.

3 Love Lessons (birthday reflections)

Lesson 1: Saying no from a space of genuine self-care is the greatest YES you can give to yourself (and others, even if you disappoint them first). I got invited to a karaoke night out with a few friends-I roped my husband to come out on a weekday and was so gun-ho about it…until the next day. I had had a sleepless night (my own fault: I had caffeine way too late the day before) and by 4pm, a few hours before we were meant to meet everyone, I knew it wasn’t happening. I tried-I rallied, but my body was screaming…noooooo. I let my friend know and I felt bad when she said she’d gotten me a birthday cake and everything (not expected, but super sweet). A part of me felt so guilty and wanted to just power through. But, I seriously didn’t have it in me. I had to disappoint them and stay home. So, I did. And the world didn’t fall apart and we are still friends.

Lesson 2: Leave room to be surprised! (aka, stop trying to control every dang thing!)
My husband made a dinner reservation to take me out Saturday-I could tell he was really concerned about me liking the place and instead of trying to control things and tell him exactly where I wanted to be taken to, I let him go through his own process to pick. He is amazing at picking delicious places to eat, knows me well and I totally trust him-and we had an amazing time! He took me to this 1930’s converted house downtown Phoenix in a super funky, cool area and the food was….delicious! Was I maybe slightly overdressed? Yep, but again, who cares? It was so awesome to be surprised and to receive. I realized all the places in my life where I could benefit from a little bit more, “let’s see what happens” and expect to be absolutely delighted instead of keeping a death grip on the details and outcome.

Lesson 3: Give yourself grace from the “shoulds”
I don’t know what it is about birthdays, but I have noticed, in the past, I’ve had a tendency to measure my life against the one I thought I “should” have by now. And I’d feel so bummed, depressed and generally crappy because most of the time, there was always some goal or benchmark that I felt I failed at or just didn’t even see as a tiny speck of possibility on the horizon. Cue Bridget Jones Diary and a large pizza. This year, there was none of that. Instead of “shoulding” all over myself, I gave myself some grace. I asked, “What are 3 highlights of this past year around the sun?” The first ones that came, I just let myself soak in, honor and fully remembered. I let my body feel the pride, or the joy, or even the delicious growth of the memory all over again. And that was it. No intense self-inquiry or judgement. Back to the present moment. I have shit to do, afterall!

That’s it!

That’s what I got for you this week, Goddess.

Apply the lessons to your own life if you wish-and if there’s one in particular that spoke to you more than the others, I’d love to hear about it!

Which one will you adopt this week? Lemme know and if you’re wanting an extra energy BOOST to make this last quarter of 2023 your absolute best, check out my Birthday Gold Treatment Bundle Special! It’s good until August 31 and you can use them anytime before the end of this glorious year!

What To Do When He Doesn’t Text Back [Texting Tips]

Q: Diana, I was seeing this guy for three dates. I thought things were going great, but he hasn’t responded to my last text and it’s been almost a week. I feel like I’m going crazy-what is going on? What can I do?

It’s super frustrating when you text someone you really like stops texting you back.

It’s very confusing and even the most confident person can get thrown by the abrupt lack of communication.

Here are texting tips to help you stay sane when he (or she) isn’t texting you back:

  • Avoid making assumptions. Don’t assume it’s about you. There are all sorts of reasons why someone doesn’t text back. Maybe they didn’t see it. Maybe they saw it and forgot about it or thought they responded and didn’t. And yes, maybe they saw it and did not want to respond, for a number of reasons. You are not in control of whether or not he texts you, but you are in control of the stories you tell yourself about what’s happening.
  • Redirect your energy. Do something else. Even if you keep thinking about it, redirecting your energy will create space for you to calm your nervous system and perhaps, for him to text you back!
  • Accept it. No response is a response. Accept it. You don’t have to like it but the sooner you can accept that you may never get a response, the easier it will be to move on. Actions (and in action) speak volumes. Trust that if you are meant to connect, you will and if not, then the Universe is doing you a favor and it’s time to let go.
  • Resist the temptation to put him down or text him repeatedly to get a reaction. This will not bring him closer-if anything it will most likely push him even further away.Those are the actions of a little girl throwing a tantrum. You are a Goddess! Instead, you can write him a letter and burn it or even leave yourself a voice memo of all the things you want to say to him. Let it out in a healthy way and honor how you feel.

Bonus tip:
If he does text back and you feel upset….The Goddess way is to respect yourself-and if he does resurface, it’s perfectly okay to express concern or confusion, or to choose to not respond at all. Each situation is different. Your intuition will guide you to the right thing to do, but first get yourself in an emotionally neutral space. Get grounded. Breathe. Then respond (if you choose to) vs react.

It’s not easy, but the more you can implement the tips above, the easier it will be to manage your emotions when someone doesn’t text you back. Stay strong!

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When Things Aren’t Going Right: What To Do!

Happy Tuesday!

What can you do when things aren’t going right?

We’ve all been there, where you feel like you’re taking all the right actions, but nothing seems to happening.

It’s frustrating, confusing and it can cause you to completely doubt yourself.

If you’ve been feeling like the Universe forgot your address, you’ll love this video!

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3 Confident Female Mindsets That Drive Guys Wild

If you’ve ever been told, “don’t be too confident or you could intimidate a masculine man,” and found yourself ‘shrinking’ or feeling worried that you have to mask your confidence to attract a high quality partner, you’re going to love today’s topic.

A big part of your journey to attracting the right partner has to do with your mindset-that’s nothing new.

But in talking with many of the clients I’ve worked with, especially the women, they’ve shared that there is this unspoken pressure to downplay their natural confidence and be ‘more feminine.’

It can feel like another to-do, constantly monitoring yourself on a date and wondering if you are in the right “mindset” but it doesn’t have to so hard!

I believe you can be confident AND drive men wild (in a good way!).

To do this, it’s helpful to look at 3 mindsets or you can call them beliefs to make it simple that reinforce this.

Let’s look at them together, shall we?

The more you can experiment with these 3 confident feminine mindsets/beliefs, the easier you may find it is to connect with potential masculine-energy partners who value you for who you are, no contorting yourself into someone you’re not or overanalyzing needed!