Are You Ready for a Magical March?!

Happy March!

The fast-paced energy continues from February and you may feel like you are catching your breath trying to keep up.

But not to worry-everything that is in your life is meant to be teaching you something.

The places, faces, situations. 

It’s all in service to your growth. 

And when it comes to relationships, the core theme is about faith and magic.

Believing that you deserve the best.

Having faith that the people who are leaving your life are making space for those more aligned with you. 

Opening up to receiving a reality beyond the limitations of your past.

Sound good? 

Super excited to share this month’s Goddess Guidance Oracle Message with you!

Watch below and please do comment after if something resonates-I love hearing from you! 

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Here’s to an amazing March! 

Ready for a Fabulous February?

Happy February and Lunar New Year! 

Gosh, there is so much happening right now on an energetic level-have you been feeing it? It’s like the planets are slowly yawning and waking up and now everything is getting back in order. 

If you’ve been feeling:

  • sluggish
  • like stop-start vibes
  • scattered 
  • emotional

These are all likely effects of what I call spiritual ascension-that is, when your physical body is trying to catch up to your spiritual one!

The good news is that February brings with it lots of positive openings for new beginnings, healing in relationship and forward movement (thank goddess!)

After you watch, let me know in the comments – Q: What is one thing you are so excited to call in this new month?

PS: Are you desiring an amazing relationship? I’m going to be making an announcement very soon about upcoming events and group programs I’ll be facilitating this month and next! Stay tuned <3 

Needy, needy, needy

Happy Tuesday!

The other day, I was speaking with a girlfriend and she was complaining about how her partner, who adores her, doesn’t like to give her shoulder or foot massages when she was tired from working-when she tried to confront hime about it, he just said it “isn’t his thing-he doesn’t like feet.”

Regardless of whether or not her partner was interested in giving her massages, I could tell they were totally in love with each other otherwise. 

Was all hope lost? she asked me. 

Not necessarily.

It just highlighted a very important value for her-physical touch.

No one person can meet every single need-that’s not realistic, nor is it healthy to expect that.

So, I invited her to explore options-was there something else that would give her the same feeling of receiving a massage from her partner? 

At first, she was resistant to the idea, and then she got quiet and said-“You know, I really just want to feel his body near me-not necessarily in a sexual way but it makes me feel calm and connected.”

So, really it wasn’t even the massage itself tat was the most important-it was the feeling of…calm and connection. 

She got creative and saw different ways she could feel that way with him that didn’t require him to give her feet a rub and also ways she could give that to herself.

Some of the things she came up with?

  • asking for him to hold her hand while she was taking a bath (not every time but once in awhile). He agreed right away!
  • for herself: turning off her electronics an hour before bed and getting a weighted blanket
  • listening to sounds of the ocean as she wrapped up her work day and slipping into fuzzy socks
  • touching feet under the dinner table while talking about their day. Another easy win for him and her!

The fun part was hearing about how much more intimate their relationship felt even after a week of just making a few tweaks.

And what made me laugh out loud was that he bought her a foot and leg assuage thing to use whenever she wanted! (and I’m sure would agree to hold her hand while she used it!)

The takeaway here is two-fold:

  1. When you get creative with discovering the feeling you are desiring behind a need, it’s way easier to come up with ways to get those needs met.
  2. When you take ownership of your needs and stop assuming one person to be your need–machine, they are more likely to step up to want to make you happy!

Q: What is one need that has been calling to you to address? What is one creative way you could get the same feeling? Share with us!