Let the Universe Help You

Happy Tuesday! 

The other day I was driving to see a friend and I was strongly called to look over to my right.

A sign, literal sign for some business and do you know what it said? 

“All things possible.”

I chuckled because I’d been having a strange week with a lot of unexpected twists and turns. 

I teach this stuff, but I’m not immune to having days where I have trouble trusting that I’m being supported.

So that sign was very timely.

It helped me get into a more expansive mindset beyond the realm of the “problems” that presented themselves. 

So often we get caught up in the mind, in fear or anxiety about the future, that we forget we can slow down, ask for a sign, and relax. 

This is the Feminine Flow State-it’s not passivity-more, just powerfully deciding to receive signals of what our Deepest Truth is from the outside world. 

One wa to get into this Flow State is to start your morning quietly.

Do something that takes you out to the realm of the linear, production-mode into the liminal, Yin state.

So you can actually hear yourself and also make loving, clear requests for the Universe to co-create and support you.

One thing I love doing is making morning tea. 

I love the sensation of boiling a post of hot water, selecting my tea or sometimes just adding lemon, lighting a candle and journaling. 

Some days, not much comes out.

It feels like dribble.

Other days, I channel content for an entire course! (Hello-Embody!)

And it’s my time to get still and ask, “Spirit, here’s what I’m feeling/knowing/contemplating. Can you give me a clear sign to let me know I’m on the right track or help me course-correct please?”

So this week, especially since we are still in Mercury Retrograde, I invite you to switch up your usual morning M.O. and do one thing to tune into yourself.

Make a request from the Universe to send you a sign.

And give yourself permission to stay receptive and trust that if it’s truly a Sign, you’ll know. You won’t miss it.

Q: Are you game? If so, hit reply and say YES!

Enjoy your week and sending you tons of blessings!



A Simple Shift Can Open Up Your World

Happy Tuesday!

Did you ge a chance to see the gorgeous full moon this weekend? 

It was hauntingly beautiful and here in AZ we had almost every type of weather you can imagine over 48 hours.

Blinding, hot sun.

Monsoon rains and humidity to follow.

And last night, there was the whole thunder and lighting and wind shebang.

It was like the Earth was rolling through all her emotions!

Right now, there may be rumbles happening in your life too. In your relationships.

But any shake-ups are way-ups.

Where can you go about it differently? 

How can you see a new perspective? 

Who do you want to be and how can you embody that more? 

One question you an ask yourself when something confusing, weird or just plain out of nowhere comes into your orbit is… “What COULD this mean?”

This is a very simple tweak in language.

Most of us are taught to ask, “What DOES this mean?”

But when you change it to could, you tap into curiosity. Possibility. Non-linear thinking. 

New insides could resent themselves with could.

So this week, let’s keep it simple. 

Will you play with this question? 

What could he have meant by that text? 

What could I do if this situation? 

What could…

Wishing you a wonderful week! And if you’d like to step into more joyfully receiving, join me for EMBODY: 21 Days to Expand Your Capacity To Receive! 

The first lesson dropped yesterday so you won’t be behind and you can go at your own pace. 

Check it out. 

September Says ‘Slow Down Goddess’

You made it to September! 

I just put up our Autumn wreath on the front door, made pumpkin spice muffins (see below!)and have been in a decluttering and decorating frenzy.

Although the Fall equinox isn’t until later this month, once September rolls around, it’s like something in my brain clicks and it’s time for a chapter change. 

But despite my body’s internal nudges to go at warp speed around my home, the energies of September invite us all to: 

* slow down – re-evalute – is this something (or someone) you really want? What would serve you right now the most? 

* simmer – what have you already completed or come to terms with that you can enjoy and allow to grow or develop instead of trying a bazillion new things.

* sage your Soul and your home – (yes, I wanted a third ‘s’ word but seriously, this month, you may feel guided to do rituals to clean up your self-talk, your diet and clear out your home or work space with some sage, palo Santo or windex) What needs to go? What needs to be cleaned or removed? What can you eliminate? 

For more specifics on what this month has in store for you energetically, please watch the September Oracle Message below: 

And for those of you that are ready to retire a pattern of over-giving and step up your Feminine receiving energy, sign up for Embody: 21 Days to Expand Your Capacity to Receive Love (and really anything!).

Have a fantastic week and I look forward to connecting with you very soon. 

Virgo Energy – How’s Your Self Car?

Happy Tuesday and hello from the Bay Area!

I’m in town for a bestie’s baby shower and yesterday we both did a meditation for the New Moon which made her crack up.

The person leading the meditation kept mentioning birthing and planting seeds and lying in a garden and both of us were splayed out in her extensive backyard with the garden and the clouds overhead. Was a perfect afternoon.

As we round the end of August, these last few days invite ll of us to question and step up our self care. 

Are you happy with the self care routine you have? 

Are you overworking or obsessing about something out of your control? 

Are you feeling at peace in your body and mind? If not, it may be time for a tweak. 

This week, on my way to California, I made an impromptu video from SFO airport all about the Virgo New Moon and themes and more reflection questions you can consider as we wrap up August and head into September. 

Check it out below: 

And if you are ready to step up your receiving muscle, check out the upcoming NEW! course, Embody which will begin September 11th! I’d love to teach you how to be a magnet for the things you desire. 

Diana wearing a salmon shirt, taken 2022

She Had to Believe First (Mindset Tool!)

Happy Tuesday! 

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! 

Thank you everyone for all the amazing birthday wishes and messages – I appreciate you being a part of my online community and love connecting with you! 

Today, we’re focusing on mindset.

What do you need to believe in order to call forth the desires of your Sou? 

A conversation with a good friend sparked this blog post!

ps: Would you like to explore what could be blocking you from calling in love? Book a complimentary consult to explore spiritual and feminine magnetism coaching!