Marvellous May is Here!

Happy Tuesday and May! 

I feel like I can take a deep breath-how about you? 

The energy of May feels very healing and supportive after a lot of unpredictability and excitement from April.

What are you creating right now for yourself? 

How do you want to feel this month? 

I’m delighted to share the monthly oracle message with you. 

If you are new to the community, once a month, I pull an oracle message for each week of the month to help you prepare and get a sense of what to expect. 

Watch the video below to check it out: 

Q: What is one intent you have for yourself this month? Leave a comment and share with us! 

For more guidance, please go here

How to Stop Being Insecure in Relationships

Happy Tuesday!

Have you ever felt super insecure once you get into a relationship?

You are not alone and today I wanted to address another question from our community as it’s come up a few times!

How do you overcome feelings of insecurity and fear in your relationships?

Watch the video below to find out!

Q: Have you ever felt insecure in relationships? Share what helped you! 

ps: If you would like to break this pattern of insecurity, private coaching is for you! Go here to book a complimentary consult call with me to see how I can help. 

Are you ready to get off the rollercoaster?

Happy Tuesday! 

Today is Q+A where I take questions for you guys!

Today’s Q is all about those rollercoaster relationships. 

You know, the ones where there seem to be so many highs and just as many lows, but for some reason, you keep getting back on for more and you wonder why!

Ever been in one those? (I’m raising my hand!)

Q: “Dear Diana, “I’ve been in a rollercoaster relationship for a year and a half! We break up and say we’re just friends, but it never feels like it ends. There is always this hope for me and I’m not sure-why do I keep holding on? How do I truly move on?” 

Click below to watch the answer! 

After you watch: Have YOU ever been in a rollercoaster relationship? What advice would you give to someone who was struggling with this? Share a comment! 

Do you know that you need to love yourself more?