Let the Universe Help You

Happy Tuesday! 

The other day I was driving to see a friend and I was strongly called to look over to my right.

A sign, literal sign for some business and do you know what it said? 

“All things possible.”

I chuckled because I’d been having a strange week with a lot of unexpected twists and turns. 

I teach this stuff, but I’m not immune to having days where I have trouble trusting that I’m being supported.

So that sign was very timely.

It helped me get into a more expansive mindset beyond the realm of the “problems” that presented themselves. 

So often we get caught up in the mind, in fear or anxiety about the future, that we forget we can slow down, ask for a sign, and relax. 

This is the Feminine Flow State-it’s not passivity-more, just powerfully deciding to receive signals of what our Deepest Truth is from the outside world. 

One wa to get into this Flow State is to start your morning quietly.

Do something that takes you out to the realm of the linear, production-mode into the liminal, Yin state.

So you can actually hear yourself and also make loving, clear requests for the Universe to co-create and support you.

One thing I love doing is making morning tea. 

I love the sensation of boiling a post of hot water, selecting my tea or sometimes just adding lemon, lighting a candle and journaling. 

Some days, not much comes out.

It feels like dribble.

Other days, I channel content for an entire course! (Hello-Embody!)

And it’s my time to get still and ask, “Spirit, here’s what I’m feeling/knowing/contemplating. Can you give me a clear sign to let me know I’m on the right track or help me course-correct please?”

So this week, especially since we are still in Mercury Retrograde, I invite you to switch up your usual morning M.O. and do one thing to tune into yourself.

Make a request from the Universe to send you a sign.

And give yourself permission to stay receptive and trust that if it’s truly a Sign, you’ll know. You won’t miss it.

Q: Are you game? If so, hit reply and say YES!

Enjoy your week and sending you tons of blessings!



She Had to Believe First (Mindset Tool!)

Happy Tuesday! 

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! 

Thank you everyone for all the amazing birthday wishes and messages – I appreciate you being a part of my online community and love connecting with you! 

Today, we’re focusing on mindset.

What do you need to believe in order to call forth the desires of your Sou? 

A conversation with a good friend sparked this blog post!

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Break the Board (Love and Life Advice!)

Happy Tuesday!

What is something you’ve done that has scared you?

When I was in high school, my sister and I took up Tae-Kwon-Do, which was super counter intuitive t the hard-core ballet classes I was taking at the same time. Talk about muscle memory confusion! 

One of the required components of passing to the next belt level was to break a wooden board with either our bare hand or foot. (I kept that detail to myself as I know my ballet master would have had a fit!) 

The process I went through internally to prepare for that taught me so many lessons about life and also relationships in the years to come. 

I’d love to share it with you with the intent that it supports you in being brave and opening up to what you truly desire! Listen below:

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5 Signs to Leave a Relationship

Happy Tuesday! 

How was your weekend? 

Did you remember to do something special for yourself? 

It could be something simple like taking 10 min to just read a book you’ve been meaning to. Or to just breathe and bestill and stare at the ceiling fan to calm your brain!

It’s so important, Goddess.

Today’s Q+A circles around a breakup potential of a relationship: “Hey Diana, I’ve been in this relationship for not that long but all my friends tell me to break up with him. I feel like I’ve been in and out of so many relationships an I don’t want to throw in the towel, but things have felt so tough. How do you know for sure when it’s time to leave a relationship? Please help! Thank you in advance!”

This isn’t a black and white ind of answer, but if you’re in a situation where you’re not sure to consider leaving, here are 5 signs that it may bedtime to consider moving forward with the breakup.

It’s never easy to leave a relationship, even if you now in your heart it’s time. 

But watching out for these 5 signs can help you assess your situation to make the decision a bit more clear. 

Q: Which one of these signs sticks out to you the most? What advice would you give someone considering a breakup? 

Leave us a comment and let us know!

How to Have a Happy Relationship (5 Secrets from Happily Committed Couples!)

Happy Tuesday to you!

Can I share some exciting news before we get into today’s post? 

This weekend I am getting married to my love!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know it hasn’t been an easy road to get to this point!

I’ve had my heart broken, more than a few times.

I’ve broken hearts without meaning to.

I’ve doubted that I could ever love again or that maybe I was just too much for someone. 

I’ve feared letting someone in-what if they saw something they didn’t like and leave? 

So many things, Goddess!

But what I do know (OMG I channeled Oprah just then!) is that a ‘happy relationship’ is something  that can be cultivated. 

Once your inner ‘house’ is ready to receive another person and they you, there are things you can do to maintain a level of balance and happiness in your partnership.

And by the way, what I’m about to share also applies to friendships and other relationships too!

Here are 5 secrets to a happy relationship:

For more secret nuggets, watch the video but here is the quick cliff-notes version:

  1. Calendar ‘couple time’
  2. Find something to appreciate about the other person daily-and express it.
  3. Maintain your personal joy (don’t stop doing the things that make you happy). Be responsible for your own happiness.
  4. Make each other a priority.
  5. Explore professional support to make the relationship stronger.

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