What You Can’t Be With Owns You.

Happy Tuesday!

Have you ever felt super frustrated because what you’ve been trying to manifest just seems out of reach?

I’ve been there and this week, I share a perspective that can help you break out of the prison we can sometimes create of our own making.

It’s a simple shift and I have seen clients go from blocking themselves, repeating the same patterns of dating the same guy with a different face, to meeting high quality, available men.

I even received a WhatsApp message from a current client just this AM who has been taking massive action to get her artwork into galleries and nothing seemed to manifest. She re-aligned her frequency and now, two of her pieces are in a major gallery!

To articulate it the best, I made a short audio for you.

Listen here and after, leave a comment! .

I’d love to know how this lands for you!

The more you can practice this, the faster you will align to the frequency of your desires, whether that be a committed, healthy soul mate partnership, better friendships or more.

Happy Eclipse Week! (True Story Inside)

Dear Goddess,

I’m sure you may have heard a lot about the Solar Eclipse on Monday, but truly the entire week is wrapped in that potent energy, very prime for flashes of insights, unexpected releases and information and miracles.

Just a nudge to pay attention to the strong nudges and signs you get from your intuition and the Universe right now. It can give you insights into areas that you are still healing and what will help you tune back into your authentic self. So you can magnetize your desires, especially in relationships.

Can I share a story with you?

Just the other day, I was guided to take the day completely off for self care and recalibration. I scheduled a massage for myself in the morning and let myself watch the new historical mini-series,The New Look, on Apple TV
2 “signs” that came to me:

#1-Reconnecting to my passion
My massage therapist found lots of tension wrapped around my big right toe joint. I was in a lot of pain and he asked the question, “have you been dancing on your toes lately?” And I felt tears come to my eyes even though the literal answer to his question was “no.” And afterwards, I reflected on why I had such a strong emotional reaction to his question.

My first love/passion is ballet. And I used to dance en pointe when I was younger and had such a grand time. But I gave it up as a profession when I was 16 due to an eating disorder that I eventually overcame. The “right” big toe has to do with our outward direction in life/our Purpose and “fire.” I have been missing dance and so this is my first strong nudge to get back into ballet, however I can -it is actually the name of my company too, Dancing Goddess LLC, so it was a remembrance. I’ve been really reflecting on how my body wants to move these days and allowing all the emotions to arise and be witnessed.

#2-Remembering a past life + another pastime

The New Look on Apple TV is all about fashion, specifically the back story of Christian Dior and Coco Chanel during WWII, an era I am certain I had several past lives in. I was guided to pull out an old sketch book (I used to draw and paint a lot-haven’t done it in forever!) and reconnect with yet another past time and my strong value of beauty.
So…all this to say, if you’re getting strongly guided to revisit something from your past, pay attention. If emotions come up this week, allow them. And always remember that you are being supported 100% by the Universe!

Q: What has been a “sign” or nudge you’ve received this week? What do you think it’s trying to tell you about your life right now, even if you’re not sure?

Leave a comment below!

Much love and happy Solar Eclipse/new beginnings week!

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Ready for Adventure? April is Here!

Hi Beautiful!

Happy April to you-I don’t know about you, but I feel like this year is simultaneously zipping by and also some days have felt like I’ve lived a lifetime!

Can you relate at all?

I’m super sensitive to energy, and if you’re in my community, I’m going to bet you are too-so sending you tons of Divine love, hugs and reminders to slow down, breathe and remember that no matter what you’re going through, you have a choice to see things as happening for you vs. to you.

April is a hang-on-to-yer-hat kinda vibe, so expect the unexpected and embrace the spirit of adventure if you can!

I was guided to record the April message live without interpreting cards or messages ahead of time, and with the upcoming Solar Eclipse in Aries, this let’s-see-what-happens energy is right in line!

Check it out below:

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Lunar Eclipse in Libra – Time to Partner Up!

Happy Lunar Eclipse week and Tuesday!

When it comes to relationships, this week packs a punch. It’s an ideal time to clean up agreements, make amends, draw some lines in the sand and observe where you may feel out of balance.

For more, please check out the short Eclipse video below:

Eclipses bring endings but it’s nothing to fear. What is wrapping up right now, including the month of March (how did that happen?!) is for your Highest Good.

I’d love to know-what is one highlight or lesson you are taking with you as we finish this month? Leave a comment below!

Much love,