If You Struggle With The Whole Feminine/Masculine Energy Thing (Real Talk!)

Happy Tuesday! 

Truth: I used to be so confused by what it meant to be in your healthy feminine or healthy masculine energy.

All the material I was learning through the hard-knocks of dating and life taught me that I had no real clue how to operate in either healthy version fully.

Tried as I might, I felt like I was posturing, faking it and the whole thing just felt like some contrived way to manipulate prospective dates and the Universe to give me what I wanted, let alone if that thing was good for me. 

I set about to find my own expression of feminine/masculine even f it took longer than ‘5 simple steps to…”

It wasn’t until I began learning how to trust my intuition and consciously slowing down to listen to what my inner knowing and body was trying to tell me that this whole concept of masculine/feminine began to be more clear.

In a nutshell…

When I listened and received/captured messages and nudges from my intuition, I was in my version of healthy feminine.

When I acted upon the guidance my intuition was sharing and I knew I was sage to do so, I was in my version of healthy masculine. 

Here are a few things that have helped me to trust my intuition and a few that private clients have graciously shared too.

  1. Committing to the page…aka journaling.
    • I started journaling everyday and showing up to the page first thing, even when all I would scribble was “I have nothing to say. This is silly…” The more I made it a non-negotiable, I found that insights came, downloads for a lot, if not all, of the classes and speeches I would eventually share with audiences came out easily and I found that my nervous system was calmer throughout the day. 
  2. Drawing and doodling (especially great for those harder to understand emotions).
    • I have several clients who are professional artists and one shared that for her, what helped her to trust and relax into her true feminine, was ‘allowing all the pesky, hard, inconvenient emotions’ to express themselves on canvas or in a doodle. Music optional and you don’t have to be Picasso or spend a ton of money on supplies. A good ole’ fashioned pen and paper will do. Set a timer and pose the question-okay, emotions, what would you like to share? Then let your hand guide you around. Even if it’s just a few minutes. Notice what comes. 
  3. Let’s see what happens!
    • This one is more of a mindset. It can help you build the muscles needed for the inner masculine to feel safe to take action on your behalf. The more our inner masculine feels safe, the easier it is for other to also want to support us. So, the next time you get a nudge to do something, instead of shutting yourself down, consider saying aloud, “Let’s see what happens!” without any attachment to the outcome. Then, go take one simple action you’re feeling guided to. take, wit the acceptance and permission that it may not go anywhere, but you’re simply following your own flow. 

So there you have it! 

3 practices you can play with to start to trust your intuition and meet your own authentic Feminine and Masculine! 

Q: Which one will you play with this week? Leave a comment and share! 

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You can have a go at your own pace and I share the exercises I do often to help me stay on top of my own intuitive game. 

It’s Time to Take Back Your Personal Power!

Happy Tuesday! When it comes to your closest relationships, do you feel like there’s a healthy give and take? 

Are you always the one giving in for the sake of peace or do you feel safe to express yourself and voice your preferences? 

When it comes to romantic relationships, especially in the beginning, a lot of my clients have shared that they feel this unspoken need to prove themselves and “be enough” for that other person. 

You may feel pressure to do a lot of the activities that other person wants to do that you would never want to do on your own.

Or keep your mouth shut when something really bothers you.

All in the name of ‘keeping the peace’ and ensuring that the connection continues…

This can sometimes come from past relationships  where the power dynamics and boundaries/expectations were unbalanced (or in some cases, never solidified).

In healthy dynamics, compromise is natural. 

But when compromising comes at a cost to your personal energy, self-esteem and confidence. It can become toxic. 

It’s time to take back your personal power! 

In line with March’s theme of “personal power”, I’d love to share a mantra to help you feel more balanced in your relationships, especially if you have already identified that you have a tendency to hold back how you really feel and want to change that! 

Here it is: “The only person I have to be enough for is myself. It is safe for me to express who I am and how I feel. How others respond to that is out of my control.” 

When you remind yourself that it is safe to express who you are, you also give that other person unspoken permission to express who they are too, without all the pressure and filter of needing to be perfect. 

You create space to have more connected, meaningful communication with the people you love, because you aren’t trying to prove yourself. 

You already know you’re enough and that even if you have a different opinion than them, both of your opinions are valid. 

That engenders self-respect which leads to others respecting you and who wouldn’t want to be around someone like that? 

How to use it: 

In quiet moments where you feel fears rising up in your chest, close your eyes, take a deep, cleansing breath and say the mantra above. Say it three times with deep feeling. Notice how you feel. 

Will you play with this over the week and let me know how it goes? Drop a comment below!   

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It’s an Island Ma’am (True Love Story)


Happy Tuesday, 

In the spirit of Valentines’ Day week, I want to chat about the E-word. 


On the one hand, expectations can help us clarify what we no longer wan to tolerate but taken to the extreme can create stress in relationships. 

I learned this the hard way on my honeymoon in Hawaii this past week! 

Listen below to hear my story! It’s my intent that by sharing this it empowers you to examine your relationship to expectation and deepen your connection to yourself and those you love. 

After you listen, I would love to hear from you-what resonated? Where could you benefit from more surrender?

Hit reply and leave a comment on the blog. I love hearing from you!

PS: Want to call in LOVE? Deepen the connection you already have? I’ll be hosting a LOVE Message Circle right after the New Moon on Feb 21! More details to come I the next few days to watch your inbox!

February is Going to be Amazing! (Message Inside)


Happy Tuesday and welcome to a brand new month. 

There is so much goodness bubbling up this February and the theme of the month is Self-Love. 

This month you can look forward to content directed at empowering you to elevate your self-love muscles so you can radiate and call forth your heart’s desires. 

I’m eager to share the February Oracle Video message, so let’s dive right in, shall we? 

Q: What is one intention you have for February? Share comment so we can support you in our Goddess community!