Happy Tuesday, goddess!

I’m switching things up a bit today and wanted to share a goddess principle that I’ve been living and practicing right now.

In all transparency, the recent Eclipse energy kicked my ass, I’ve been doing some really deep inner child healing work (it never stops, does it?) and am smack in the middle of a spiritual re-set.

What this has looked like for me:

  • sleepless nights pretty much all last week when I normally sleep like a baby
  • feeling hungrier and thirstier than usual
  • feeling energetically buzzed and inspired (although sleep deprived). I have been writing a lot more!
  • a low-level anxiety of knowing that things are changing on a deep level, not just in my business and how I show up in the world but also my beliefs, appearance, likes and dislikes, food sensitivities and more are just…morphing, and there’s nothing I can do to slow the train down!
  • extra razor-sharp intuition and psychic hits. This is something I’ve consciously developed, but the past two weeks, I’m surprising myself with how lightning fast information is downloading.

Many of my private clients and the members in the Goddess Circle Collective have also shared shifts and inner knowings that life is just…upgrading and giving you more opportunities to be your true authentic self!

It’s so beautiful! (and triggering in some cases!)

In any case, I wanted to share what’s been happening for me in case you too have felt a bit like…omg what is up with my life? We are good, goddess. Just breathe, hang onto your hat and if I can offer one piece of guidance today for you it’s this:

If you wait for a guarantee that you can have what you want from any place outside of yourself, you will be constantly disappointed.

You may doubt yourself, stop yourself or just give yourself another excuse to not move forward towards the life you really desire. Especially when you’re in a growth cycle.

But an empowered goddess believes that although she may not have all the answers or solutions or the “how” figured out, she is unwavering in her commitment to her true desires. She is certain within herself that if it is a true Soul-level desire, she will receive it. It’s already a done-deal.

What it requires is spiritual and emotional discipline to maintain this belief, certainty and commitment to what you say you want, even when the clock is ticking, you’re taking inspired action and nothing is happening (yet) and well-meaning spouses, friends and family encourage you to let it go/quit/move on/be more ‘practical.’

If you too are in the middle of a spiritual up-leveling, I’m giving you a huge Divine hug and high-five.

You can choose to see whatever you’re experiencing now as a gift of transformation, healing and certainly an opportunity to see what old stuff is ready to be taken out with the trash.

You get to see where you are upgrading your desires, beliefs and behaviors. Epic shifts are possible right now if you can see beyond the circumstances and rise up to the bigger lesson and just know that your desires are already here.

Have an amazing Full moon illuminating week and if you’d like to dive a bit deeper and see what this particular cycle is teaching you, or you’d like more clarity, go here to book a complimentary coaching consultation and let’s chat!

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