What You Can’t Be With Owns You.

Happy Tuesday!

Have you ever felt super frustrated because what you’ve been trying to manifest just seems out of reach?

I’ve been there and this week, I share a perspective that can help you break out of the prison we can sometimes create of our own making.

It’s a simple shift and I have seen clients go from blocking themselves, repeating the same patterns of dating the same guy with a different face, to meeting high quality, available men.

I even received a WhatsApp message from a current client just this AM who has been taking massive action to get her artwork into galleries and nothing seemed to manifest. She re-aligned her frequency and now, two of her pieces are in a major gallery!

To articulate it the best, I made a short audio for you.

Listen here and after, leave a comment! .

I’d love to know how this lands for you!

The more you can practice this, the faster you will align to the frequency of your desires, whether that be a committed, healthy soul mate partnership, better friendships or more.

Ready for Luxury + Pleasure? Your New Moon *Love Message Inside!

Happy New Moon in Taurus and Tuesday!

I’m so excited that today’s blog fell on the actual New Moon because it is a stunning one, ripe with beauty, pleasure, abundance and miracles if you allow it.

I made a video for you and pulled 3 oracle messages to help you integrate this new moon message. When you watch, for added benefit, have a sheet of paper nearby and pause after each card asking, “What could this mean for me?” Write down whatever nudges your intuition is giving you!

Watch below:

ps: Tonight, I have a very special guest in the Goddess Circle Collective, Lori Medina, powerful healer who is going to be coming on to teach how to shed trauma around our desires so we can stay open to receive them! Would you like to join us? Go here.

How to Be More Attractive To Men (And Anything You Desire!)

Happy Tuesday Goddess!

How was your weekend? Did you get a chance to do something relaxing for you? I recently went shopping which is something that I usually don’t enjoy that much, but I had SO much fun activating my inner goddess and buying a few key pieces that make my heart sing. I got to reconnect with a few girlfriends and of course, the topic turned as it often does, to men and relationships!

When it comes to feminine magnetism, if you’re used to being in your masculine, I know for a lot of my private clients, it can feel a bit fake or weird to implement a lot of the conventional tips on how to access that feminine energy.

So, in this week’s video, I share a personal story of magnetism in action and also a simple, but powerful tool for being magnetic and attractive to men (and anything you desire!) After you watch, share in the comments: Did you try it out? What happened?!

Your March Oracle Message!

Happy Tuesday and March!

If you’re ready to embrace a month that is ripe with new beginnings, wonderful opportunities to capitalize on your gifts and talents and attract higher-quality people into your world, you’re going to love March!

Watch the March Goddess Guidance Oracle video and after you do watch, please leave me a comment – I’d love to know one thing you’re excited about for this month!

ps: Doors are officially open for Goddess Circle Collective! Our first call will be the New Moon week, March 12 and is all about Boundary-Setting Like a Bad-Ass! Join us here!