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do you tend to overthink…everything?

Happy Wed beautiful! Is it cold where you are right now? The weather just turned chillier here in Arizona and  there’s something about needing that extra blanket on the bed that invites self-reflection…or obsessive overthinking…or Netflix binges (done all three btw). But what do you do when your mind seems to take on a life […]

when shi& happens…+ fun sedona pic!

Happy Wednesday! How is your week going?  I am still coming off the high from the Way of the Wise Sedona retreat! Was such a pleasure to hold space for amazing Goddesses facing their Truth and stepping into their power (pic below!) One of the things that came up was this idea of responsibility and […]

full moon in luscious taurus…your message inside!

Happy Wed and…full moon! This is such a vibrant week and relationships take the spotlight. Full Moon in Taurus mixed with Uranus, planet of “doing things differently” is the quintessential odd couple. Taurus is a sign of stability, steadiness and the material world-tangible things like your worldly possessions, money, “stuff”, body/sex joins the planet Uranus, […]

can I assert myself + still be feminine?

Happy Wed! How are you? It’s Q+A time! Today’s Q+A from our community: “Diana, I struggle with feeling comfortable asserting myself and standing up for myself. I’ve been told that that’s not “feminine” and I am trying to be more in my feminine to attract a soul mate relationship. Can I do both? Where should […]