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your magical minute-ish

Q: What’s one simple tip that can help you command more respect in your personal and professional relationships? This week, I answer this in a 1-minute audio clip I’m calling “Your Magical Minute-ish…” The more you do this one thing, the less likely that others take you for granted and the more likely it is […]

2018: Year of Love!

2018 highlights: This is an 11/2 Universal Year in numerology. Key themes highlighted include: Partnerships Love (romantic and platonic) Health Your relationship to the physical and material world. Q: What is one thing you are excited to manifest in 2018? Leave a comment and share! For more and take my FREE quiz: Are you really […]

How to hold onto yourself in a relationship

Have you ever had a friend who you never see once she’s in a relationship? And then when they break up, she’s blowing up your phone? Maybe you’ve been that person. I’ve been on both ends! When you are in love, it’s easy to fall into an all-consuming pattern of making your world all about […]

what would delight you?

How would you like to…. :: go to Italy in the height of the summer season for $100 RT :: manifest 3 hot dates with quality men in the same week :: receive podcast and media invitations in 24 hours The above are true manifestations and all three of them when I look back on the […]