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does it have to be ‘hard’ for you to receive it?

Have you ever had any of these lines running through your head when it came to receiving something you really wanted? “If I didn’t ‘work for it’, I don’t really deserve it <insert awesome desire here>.” “If it comes too easily, it’s probably a fluke.” “If comes too easily, I won’t really value it. If […]

want to let more love in? try this!

Are you ready to call in MORE? Have you been held back by past disappointment or fears? I’ve got your back! So excited to be sharing one of my favorite mudra (body symbols) and accompanying mantra that helps with: Reprogramming your subconscious fears around receiving Letting go and letting someone into your heart after being […]

this question floored me..

Are you ready to give up being the warrior? When I first heard a mentor ask that to a group I’m a part of , it floored me because even though the question wasn’t directed specifically at me, I could see how it described perfectly the way that I operated for the whole of my […]