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do you resist receiving? fun tale from Oakland!

It’s no wonder you can sometimes feel resistant to step up into your full authentic, empowered Goddess self, the self that is easily adept at asking for what she wants, fully expecting to receive it and then actually…receiving the thing without putting up a fight… Or only receiving it when you feel like you’ve “earned” […]

how to deflect negativity (this works!)

Hello from the SF Bay Area! I’m here choreographing for a childrens’ music camp in Berkeley and having so much fun. Just in the 48 hours I’ve been here, it’s been night and day from the quiet desert in terms of noise, people and a much faster pace.  Have you ever been in an environment […]

twin flame or soulmate?

Happy Wed and August! It’s a brand-new month, filled with infinite possibilities and new beginnings. With the aftermath of the lunar eclipse from last week, there may be some emotions that you’re still sorting through. Eclipses bring up all sorts of unexpected pieces of information, something is revealed and things leave our lives as fast […]

my favorite detox exercise!

With so many planets in retrograde you may be feeling a bit all over the place or just feel like things are moving through molasses. But there is a silver lining. It’s the perfect time to forgive yourself and others and also to energetically off load heavy old emotions, patterns and beliefs that have put […]