how to surrender…true story inside

Have you ever felt like no matter how hard you tried to know what was next, the Universe continually threw you curve balls so that all you could do was kind of throw up your hands and give up trying to mastermind the whole thing?

That is the exact space I have found myself in the last few days.

Portland is in a declared “state of emergency” with unexpected freezing rain, iced roads and snow…which wouldn’t matter if we were equipped with a plethora of snow ploughs like those of you on the east coast. But here, this kind of weather happens once every ten years. So…everyone’s freaking out a bit.

It’s brought up all sorts of unexpected mayhem and cabin fever. And everyone’s core personalities and fears and idiosyncrasies. Being a people person and a homebody, I’ve quite enjoyed it.

  • The woman cursing at her dog to just “go potty already!” so she can get out of the cold (I’ve been that woman a few times!)
  • The kids who take the top off garbage cans and slide down the icy snow, totally unfocused on potential danger-school’s out, who cares?!!!
  • The die-hard-I-don’t-care-what-the-weather-is, hoodie, short-wearing Portlandians who go jogging alongside the cars with chains on the front wheels.

And it got me thinking, life is really like that.

You may find yourself in a space right now in your life where you are invited to just SLOW down.

To surrender to the void of the present.

To be challenged to see the gift in not knowing it all.

To keep on truckin and to find metaphorical garbage can tops to slide down those pesky hills and bumps with.

To commit to FUN and joy no matter what presents itself.

That is control-controlling how we let the weather (external or internally) dictate how you think and talk about yourself and your life.

Because it can change day to day, moment to moment.

So, the choice is yours: will you sink into the void of surrender or flail about trying to manage the entire Universe?

I’d love to hear from you! Comment below and share your thoughts 🙂

ever been afraid of giving the Universe the ‘wrong’ signal? I’ve got you covered!

Have you ever been confused by the Law of Attraction and felt worried that you would give the Universe the “wrong” signal?

A woman wrote in and asked me, “Diana, I know I am not meant to stay in this job much longer, but I don’t want to put things out that indicate that I’m staying. My energy is so heavy and I feel so uninspired and tired. What should I do?”

This is a GREAT question!

In this video you will learn:

  • The real thing the Universe responds to
  • The easiest way to get into the flow of drawing an opportunity to you
  • The simple solution to send a clear signal that you are ready for the “next thing”

Q: Have you ever struggled with giving the Universe mixed signals about what you wanted? What is one thing that helped you move through that? Share with us the comments below!

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your 2017 spiritual message is here! open up

2017 is a powerful year of transformation!

Ready to make it your best ever?

In this video, you will learn:

  • What 2017 represents on an energetic level for you
  • How the 2017 vibration will affect:

your relationships, your body health, your finances, your career/business and your spirituality! ( we will look at each specific area and what to expect!)

  • Red flags to watch out for that can block your progress
  • The 2017 Animal Totem and how you can use their energy to assist you in your goals
  • The spiritual secret to ushering in miracles and opening doors for yourself and more!


Q: What is one challenge that you are ready to overcome in 2017? Share with us in the comments below!

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it’s time to wrap it up…the top 9 list

The Top 9 List (Goddess-style) of 2016

  1. Movie (Joy) starring Jennifer Lawrence, about the founder of the Miracle Mop and skinny velvet hanger, among other things. (The only movie I’ve ever watched and then immediately replayed)

Lesson: No matter how many setbacks life throws at you, your conviction for sharing your gift with the world wins out. Never give up.

  1. Sacred Success by Barbara Stanny

Lesson: When you make your decisions based on what supports your deepest, truest values, that is true success.


  1. Don’t Let Anything Dull your Sparkle by Doreen Virtue

Lesson: It’s safe to step away from anything that drains you-this is a loving act and it doesn’t mean you don’t care. Quite the opposite.


  1. Song (Rise) by Katy Perry

(I ended up dancing to this song over and over again in my living room!)

Lesson: It’s safe for you to be powerful and THRIVE, not just survive.


  1. Outrageous Openness by Tosha Silver

(This is one that I read all the time, and will flip to a page when I need a message from Spirit!)

Lesson: Life flows better when you get out of your own way.


  1. Song (Love on the Brain) by Rhianna (sooo beautiful, although to be honest, I wasn’t paying too much attention to the lyrics as much as the Motown vibe)

Lesson: Love will make you do crazy things and is the most powerful force in the Universe.


  1. I am not your Guru (Netflix documentary) of Tony Robbins’ weekend seminar

(I watched this twice with my man!)

Lesson: Change can happen in an instant when you speak your Truth. Believing it has to take forever is an illusion to justify not being ready to take full responsibility for your life.

  1. Getting the Love You Want by Harville Hendrix

Lesson: We attract a partner who perfectly mirrors our unresolved childhood agendas and wounds so we can heal them and love from a fuller place.


  1. You are a Badass by Jen Sincero

Lesson: Loving yourself is always the answer. (I’d like to take her out to coffee in 2017 as I feel we would have much to discuss on this topic!)


Your turn:

1) Which of the 9 lessons speaks to you right now?
2) What is one of your own top movies, books or songs that influenced 2016? Share with us in the comments!

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the 3-word phrase for overcoming perfectionitis

It’s almost the Winter Solstice here in the States (Dec 21/22), the longest night of the year and for some of you across the pond, it is the Summer Solstice.

Darkness. Light. Can’t have one without the other!

It is a powerful time of percolating, going deep within and unearthing one final upheaval of “stuff”, you know the stuff that’s outdated, in your way and slowin’ your roll.

And one of those pesky behaviors that can stop you from making major waves towards your dreams is perfectionism.

Waiting until something is “just right” before you pitch your idea, write that book you keep saying you’re going to write, start dating again, you get the idea.

You may say things to yourself like..

“Yea, I so want that but I have to get XYZ figured out first in my life until I can have (insert fervent Soul desire).”

“I’m just not ready yet…I need to get (more credentials/more money/more blah, blah, blah)”

All perfectly rational explanations from the logical mind to mask the truth-that you might just feel scared of going all in and failing. Or succeeding and having to be seen more!

So it’s easier to wait until everything appears to be “perfect” before making waves.

The Universe

Only perfect never really comes.

And the Universe doesn’t care about perfect. 🙂

It just cares about supporting you in your predominant thoughts and deepest Truths.

It has no opinion either way and it’s not going to judge you.

So, instead of waiting for “perfect” to come, here’s a phrase I got from my friend and co-author of The Dating Mirror: Trust Again, Love Again, Maryellen Smith.

Go. For. Done.

It basically means, once you are clear what you want to do and have at least one action to take, just take it.

Give yourself permission to fu%* it up a little and also permission to course-correct if you’re going way off in the wrong direction.

But all that mental anxiety and low-level stress that is created from not taking action will give way to fresh ideas, inspiration and yes, self-confidence and self-trust.

You will figure it out in the act of doing it.

Making that call.

Writing that proposal.

Putting up that dating profile.

So, as we head into the darkest (or lightest) night of the year, I ask you this.


Q: Do you tend to get caught up in perfectionism? How does it show up for you….and if you’re brave, what is ONE action you are committed to taking before we ring the bell on Dec 31? Where will you “go for done?” I can’t wait to hear from you! Post your comment under here.

Diana Dorell

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