s(E)Lf Love Holiday Bundle (Copy)

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Are you ready to attract great love and opportunities? If you’re ready to get out of your own way and manifest with greater ease, trusting your intuition and believing in yourself is key! If you’re ready to stop micromanaging the Universe and learn some simple strategies you can use now to improve your life, you’re in luck! The s(E)lf Love Holiday Bundle is here!

Includes 3 products:
1) Bullet Proof Intuition-5 week self paced course to jumpstart your intuition and make better decisions so you’re not wasting time spinning your wheels!

2) Amplify Your Love Energy-5 week self paced video course to enhance your self-confidence, self-trust and gain clarity on your Feminine energy and attracting love and amazing opportunities!

3) Journey to Love-A powerful heart-opening meditation with the Angel of Love, Archangel Jophiel to release old hurts and open yourself up to new love!

$600 value for just $197 for all three!