11:11:11 + your spiritual message about love

“Be Yourself. Everyone else is already taken.”-Oscar Wilde


I’m just coming off my Sedona high from this weekend’s Ignite Your Soul retreat and so many amazing insights came up high in the Red Rocks with the Goddesses who came. I will share more about that next week!

But to add to the already electric vibes in the air, it is also a triple 11 day which means MAJOR transformation potential, especially around your relationships.

How I got that:



What that means:

The number 11 is a master number of relationship and if you look at it, it literally looks like a pathway. 

It represents a gateway, an initiation you walk through and with 3 “11’s” in the line-up, it represents: your past self-your present thoughts-and the future you are creating. Within you.

It’s the perfect time to:

  • be bold and ask for what you really really want (vs what you think you can get)
  • bury the hatchet once and for all and give up having to be “right” and know it all and 
  • put your focus instead on how much peace you can gift yourself in any given relationship

In short, in any given moment, are you going to choose peace or are you going to choose war within yourself?

Again it’s that 11 gateway thing.

One path brings you more to battle, more to fight, more to “figure out.”

The other path brings you lessons learned vs mistakes made, a second chance and a sense of abundance and connection.

The true connection and love that only comes when you give up seeing yourself as separate from the Divine in another person or a situation. 

The person that’s irritating you?

Maybe you knew them in a past life, but what are they activating in you that wants to have a voice?

The person you’re jealous of?

Maybe they are really just showing you your own potential that you have been afraid to step into out of fear.

The person that isn’t calling you back or giving you attention when you want it?

Maybe they are just your teacher for what it means to let go of validating your self worth or love through other people’s approval or lack of approval.

It all goes back to you. Loving yourself enough to say yes to peace. 

This week, I invite you to reflect again on the same question as you go about your journey: 

“In this given moment, am I going to choose peace or am I  going to choose war within myself? What would bring me closer to my desired feeling?” 

Start there.

And remember: you are loved. 

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