“How people treat you is karma; how you react is yours.”-Wayne Dyer

Whether it’s that opinionated girlfriend, your nice-but-nosy co-worker or someone you’re currently dating or have dated, there are moments where you might wonder, “Why is this person getting under my skin? Why do I have such a hard time communicating with them or feeling heard? Is it karma? Did I do something in a past life to piss them off and this is my payback?”

In this video (3:21 min) , you will learn
● What a karmic relationship is and what it means to be in one (it’s not just for lovers!)
● 3 signs to watch for that distinguish a karmic relationship from another type you’ve had
● The simple perspective shift that can create space for the karmic connection to “complete” without manipulation or pushing.

VIDEO: (3:21 min)

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