3 Steps to Prepare Yourself for “The Talk” aka Breakups

Let’s face it. Breakups suck. Whether you’re the one breaking up or the person broken up with, there’s no easy way around it.  A breakup is not limited to a love relationship. There’s also the severing of ties with business partners or clients. Or maybe a friendship that has long expired.


No matter what arena the breakup falls in, it’s uncomfortable, it’s awkward and in most cases, it’s necessary. But there is good news. Once you are completely clear that you want to break up, know that it is completely possible to do so GRACEFULLY in a way that keeps everyone’s dignity intact and communicates exactly what’s true for you.


The most challenging part is BEFORE. And feeling safe and supported going into a conversation that you would rather avoid but you know you need to have. I’m here to help you. It just requires a little prep work and a commitment to take action.


In this video, I want to share:

  • The 3 things you must do before you have “the uncomfortable talk” with ANYONE
  • An unconventional way to feel supported before “the talk” to ensure that the “talk” goes as smoothly as possible
  • A FREE PDF “Before the Talk” sheet for you to download below this blog 

Now it’s YOUR turn to try it out and TAKE ACTION!

  1. Download your free PDF: 3 Steps to Prep Yourself before
  2. What did YOU experience when you tried out the AA Gabrielle mantra?
  3. Post a comment below this video at the blog.

 Sneak peek:

Next week, I’ll be sharing a simple 4 step formula to help you know how to structure “the talk” so it sets you up for a win:win. Stay tuned and for FREE updates, join my CEO family over at www.DianaDorell.com


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