4 simple steps to call in your desires….Goddess style

1_20 blog - DDI just finished leading a movement workshop called “Dance Your Desires” at an event in New York this past weekend and I shared my 4-step system to call in your desires….Goddess style that I want to share with you!

I’ve used this ancient system to help my clients manifest:
:: a new job
:: more confidence in dating
:: the strength to leave a relationship they knew wasn’t right for them
:: an influx of cash at just the right time
:: attract more ideal clients into their business
:: the perfect new home 

It is based upon 4 ancient elements that we need to tap into to harness what we really want:

Step 1: Earth
aka “Ground your energy!”
The first step of birthing your desires is to make sure that you are rooted in what you’re asking for. It involves getting clarity around what it is that you really want, starting with how you intend to feel when you receive that. Example: I would like to call in a new relationship where I feel deliciously adored. As you breathe into that specificity, you can ground your desire by writing it down or planting your feet into the earth (Goddess-style!) and envisioning it running up and down your body.

Step 2: Water
aka “Flow with the emotions that come up”
So often after we get clear on what you want, uncomfortable emotions and thoughts come up to the surface. Joy, sadness, fear, anger. They aren’t rational but if you flow with them and stay present with what you’re feeling, you move through to the next step. When you fight your feelings, you become their prisoner and our energy contracts, making it really hard to call forth your desire. 

Step 3: Fire
aka “Let your passion out and speak your truth!”
This step is about external energy. While the other two were more internal, once you’ve moved through any weird feelings, the next step is about letting that passion out. Making that phone call, signing up for that class, making the big ask. I call it your “Lady Gaga” because it’s about being unapologetically on fire about your desire and letting as many people know as possible who support your vision and can help you call it in. Asking for help. Pitching your ideas. Basically not giving a crap about what anyone thinks and letting out the vision you’ve been holding. Massive action! 

Step 4: Air
aka “Surrender and detach”
This last step can be the most challenging. It’s about letting go of control and trusting that you’ve done all you can do. It’s about letting go of the “how” and the “when” and mentally detaching from the outcome and emotionally surrendering to the space that the Universe will rush in to fill. Letting go of what form your desire comes to you in. Being wide open to receive. And being open to being surprised. This is the time to meditate, to light that candle and do a release ceremony. To create movement in your body that symbolizes your total detachment to what you’re asking for. To call a friend to help you let go of any grasping. Faith and open-ness.

That’s it!

With practicing those 4 elements and steps, you’ll be on your way to calling forth your desires in a way that is authentic to you and joyful!

Q: Which element feels easy for you? Which feels more challenging? Why? Share your comments with us below!

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