feeling over-whelmed? do this. (most people won’t but you’re not most people!)

The Magic 4: 4 questions to beat overwhelm this holiday season

With the holidays quickly approaching, everyone and their mother seems to be overwhelmed, overscheduled and over-drawn energetically. 

It’s a classic scenario: We want to give to the people we love but we don’t have any energy to give to people we love…because we got so caught up in the game of beating our To-Do list.

And that To-Do list is usually based around managing other people’s perceptions and desires that we forgot to put ourselves on the list!

I liken feeling overwhelmed to overdrawing on your checking account.

Example: Let’s say you just made it through a grueling day. You totally forgot to eat lunch but you got a ton done and to sweeten the deal, you got paid (wohoo!)!

And with the best of intentions, you open up your computer and feeling all responsible you, decide to put a large chunk of your check towards your credit card debt. You’re psyched because the number is now getting so close to $0 you want to have a party! 

But then less than 24 hours later, you get an email from your bank saying your account is overdrawn.  You start to get a headache. And your tummy is growling.

What? You forgot that your health insurance bill was due and was automatically deducted from your now negative account.

You feel crappy and annoyed because you were just trying to do the right thing and pay off your debt. But you weren’t paying attention to your balance and you’re now in the red.

So to make yourself feel better, you proceed to eat a pint of ice cream and feel defeated before plowing through the next item on your list. 

Sound familiar? 

Overwhelm usually happens when 1 of 4 crucial things are not being met. R.F.W.P

Introducing. (yes I am a former teacher. Acronyms are how I made it through colleg


We need all of those things throughout the course of a day and if you’re overwhelmed at any given point this Holiday season, ask yourself:

  • Do I need rest right now?
  • Do I need food right now?
  • Do I need water right now?
  • Do I need some fun and play right now?

90% of the time, if you take care of that thing you’ve been ignoring, it actually creates a ripple effect for the way the rest of your day rolls out. 

In the example above, do you remember the one that was left off the list first?

If you said, FOOD you are correct!

It’s not about being perfect. 

But from the list above, knowing yourself oh intuitive Goddess, which one do you KNOW you need more of daily?

If it’s FOOD, pack a snack and keep it in your desk.

Maybe it’s PLAY.

Schedule play into your To-Do list first.

Maybe it’s WATER

Stop making excuses and invest in a nice bottle to take to the office.

Maybe it’s REST.

Decide on an end time no matter what to stop working or do some deep breathing for 7 breaths in between tasks if you are strapped for time. 

As you pay attention to your Magic 4 ( RFWP) , your brain will be happy, your body will be thankful and your intuition will help you cut your To-Do list in HALF and rock it out with way more efficiency and less time.

Now it’s over to YOU!

Q: Which of the 4 will YOU work on this week? Rest? Food? Water? Play? Post a comment and share with us!

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