Happy Tuesday! 

Thank you for all the beautiful messages about the impromptu post from Saturday about casual relationships! 

If you missed it and would like to read the story, go here!

This week, I am so excited to share another intimate conversation with you as part of the Sparkle Seat Series! 

Each month through the end of 2021, I’m featuring a Goddess who has agreed todo a live coaching session publicly so that everyone can benefit from the wisdom that comes through. 

Today’s session is with Andrea!

The theme of our interview is around Trusting Your Intuition!

Have you ever doubted whether a message you hear about a relationship is coming from your fear or your Truth? 

Ever lacks confidence in trusting your intuition and what it’s trying to tell you?

Join us!

Some of the things we chat about include:

  • what it feels like to be ‘dialed’ into your intuition
  • the importance of letting go and hat that really looks like
  • the different intuitive channels available to us + what to stop doing so you can strengthen them
  • and more! 

ps: Are you ready to spruce up your LOVE energy? Energize Your Love Space in 18 days starts this week! It’s not too late to join us