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Is it intuition or wishful thinking? 

Q: Diana, my intuition keeps telling me that I’m going to meet my soul mate in yoga even though I really don’t do yoga. So I signed up for a full month of unlimited classes and took myself off all the dating apps! Is that what you would consider manifesting? 

Fast forward to-when I follow up with the woman who shared this, she tells me the it’s been two weeks and she really doesn’t like going to hot yoga, but you know, her soul mate is going toe coming, so she’s been pushing through even though she dreams of running out of the studio, going to get a smoothie next door and going for a walk instead with her friend.

I share this story because we have all been there, right? 

You get an inkling or a dream or a psychic tells you something and then…you become so attached to it and may even contort your life around it, when really, if you examine things closer, it feels unnatural in your body. 

Like the lady above with yoga. 

Yes, maybe she will meet her soul mate in yoga, but if she’s not naturally drawn to go to yoga and spends the next month doing something that feels really against her own grain, there’s a disconnect.

My point in saying all this is that when it’s truly a message from your intuition, aligned actions do get shown.

And yes, you may be guided to take an action outside you comfort zone (like going to a yoga class even though you are more of a kick-boxing Goddess).

But the differences…it will not feel forced.

It will not feel like you have to justify or convince yourself why you are doing said action. 

It may challenge your logical mind but it will feel light and like a…yep! I’m meant to go in this weird direction because my body is taking me there.

And if you don’t get that feeling, it’s very likely it may just: 

a) not be time to take action or b) it’s actually wishful thinking vs your intuition.

When it’s right, it’s right…even when it feels scary.

Maybe this woman really will meet her soul mate at yoga, but not in the literal way she may be expecting.

Stay open to letting the Universe surprise you and show you the signs when it’s time. 

No need to push anything or overdo anything.

When there’s a right action to take, you’ll know. 

Try that on this week and see how it feels to move through your world with that belief. 

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