Adventure from Italy: 3 Tips If You’re Feeling Lost in Love..or in Life

True Confession from Italy: For those who have ever felt lost…..


I decided to go for a walk after my pizza gorging and I was quite proud of myself for going around the City center by foot….until I realized that I had NO idea where I was. As you read this, I am going to encourage you to compare it to a time when YOU felt lost in your life be it a relationship, a career change or just a situation you struggled with. 


The neighborhood started to change, I started to see the streets narrow even more (I didn’t know that was possible). There was trash and graffiti everywhere and my internal compass was panicking. I pulled out the map my host had given me and I felt so incredibly overwhelmed. Every freakin side street in Florence starts with the words Via De La _________ and my eyes started to go fuzzy after taking in all the tiny squiggly lines. I wanted to cry. I wanted to ask for help but I didn’t want to be spotted as a “tourist.” My feet hurt and I just wanted to go home. Whatever Via that was on! It is starting to get dark right about now. And then I started to miss my boyfriend and couldn’t reach him or my friend because there was no Wi-Fi where I was on this random corner. I was so in my head that it took a cyclist on a Vespa literally missing me by 2 inches speeding by to wake me up and bring me back to the present. Suddenly my mind went kind of numb. I saw a garden in front of me. It looked pretty so I walked over there until the lady yelled at me that they were closed. Oh well. But then something said, look at the map again. And wouldn’t you know, my eyes went RIGHT to the street I was on and I could see where I was in that Where is Waldo spread! I wasn’t lost after all!

Long story short, I finally got to my door only to realize that the plaza where I had wandered to originally for dinner was like 20 feet in front of me in the opposite direction!  I had walked myself into a crazy tizzy only to end up right in the same spot I started. It was mind boggling and I had to laugh. But at least I didn’t feel so stuffed 🙂 

But here are 3 take-aways from this story that you can apply to ANY place in your life you feel lost:

1. Get out of your head
When you feel lost, take a minute to close your eyes and take yourself out of your head by focusing on something right in front of you. For me it was the garden. For you, it may be something like your keychain. Really take the time to feel the vibration of what you’re looking at. Let it bring you into the here and now. This will calm your blood pressure and help you think straight. 

2. Trust that the Universe is trying to get your attention
When you feel stuck, lost or like you’re spinning your wheels, it’s easy to just put your attention on the fact that you feel that way. But consider that the Universe wants you to literally check out your entire environment, outside your own story. You may be pulled to talk to someone or go in a direction you wouldn’t have considered if you had clung to feeding the fear in your mind about why you’re still “lost.” 

3. Learn to tolerate discomfort. It means you’re growing!
Sure, it’s easy to fall into negative thinking. It’s easy to want to go back to what’s comfortable. But it doesn’t serve you. When we stretch ourselves beyond our comfy zone, that’s where we get to see who we really are and what we’re made of. For me, it was surrendering to the fact that I am alone in Italy and I am choosing to have a great time even if I have to look like a tourist, a fool or get lost as part of the process. 

Your Turn:

1. Which of the 3 tips speaks to you the most today? Why?

2. Do YOU have a suggestion that helps you when you’re feeling lost?

Tell me about it by posting a comment (to the right) and sharing with your friends!

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  1. Dr. Maria Vanegas
    Dr. Maria Vanegas says:

    Queridissima senorina Diana:

    Buona sera!
    Diana Thanks so much for your insightful and reassuring words. I have been there in the lost zone many times and it can be scary. Recently, at my job we had electronic teaching contracts at my school. While vacationing my principal calls to let me know that I have not submitted my teaching contract.
    Naturally I knew there had been computer glitches in the past, but this one was a big one. Did I have a job? What was going to happens? etc. So in investigated and found a few answers but have not heard from TUSD yet…Mercury is is retrograde and we have had our share of it.So I am learning to be calm during uncertain times and this is a growing spurt for me…
    I thank you for being there during the challenging times,
    Always, Maria V

    • Diana
      Diana says:

      Hang in there Maria! The Universe is on your side. Do what you can and then detach Goddess. Sending you lots of love, Diana <3 Much Love!


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