Happy Wednesday!

I cannot believe this is my last blog post for 2020-so weird! 

So, my good friend Ronnie mailed me a CD collection (yes I still play CD’s in my car) called Diva Fabulousness Part 1-3 and one of the songs on there is called “Main Event.”

It’s addictive and it got me thinking about deservability. And relationships. 

The main chorus goes something like, “This is the main event, are you ready? I’m ready for love!” in disco glory beats. 

So, as we end this year, I ask you, “Are you ready for the main event? Are you ready to be the leading lady/gent of your life and claim what you truly desire in relationship?” 

Are you ready to stop doing random practice runs and settling for less than you desire because you’re scared nothing better is coming? 

Will you claim the main event of what you desire now? 

Comment below and tell me YES if you are. 

The Universe is listening. 

Miracles may follow once you make this bold, emotion-entered declaration. 

Have an amazing last few days of 2020-you deserve love. 

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