Confession: There are some days when I don’t feel like a Goddess at all. Where I am not able to see the positive side of things and be above self-criticism. 

One of those days happened last weekend in the Target dressing room.

I’ve been on a decluttering kick and in that, I discovered I needed to get a few new things to wear. 

But everything I tried on in the dressing room felt tight, uncomfortable, and maybe it was the crappy fluorescent lighting or the fact that I’ve gained a few pounds, but I felt… so ashamed of my body. 

Horrible thoughts ran through my head like: 

You are huge! No wonder you haven’t gotten anything new. Nothing fits you! 

How do you expect to fit into your wedding dress? 

How do you have so much back fat? 

What happened to you? 

I felt tears stinging my eyes and I got outta there so fast and left the store with nothing in hand. 

No matter how many times my fiancé reassured me that he thinks I look beautiful no matter what, the voice in my head said otherwise. 

And it got me thinking about the way we speak to ourselves. 

In that moment, I needed to give myself compassion.



Not the garage of nasty put downs that really use didn’t help anything. 

Q: When it comes to self talk, where do you already know you could clean u your language? 

What is an area where you could stop beating yourself up and exercise more self-acceptance and self love? 

What is something kinder you could tell yourself? 

I’d love to tell you I went back into Target and told those shameful voices to take a hike, but the truth is it’s a process 

Just observing myself thinking the thought was an eye opening experience. 

Having an honest dialogue with myself about how I feel in my body. 

So I’ll start there-for some of you, the negative Nellies happen around your body too. 

But others of you may find you’re nasty to yourself when it comes to feeling loveable or beautiful or smart or enough or worthy. 

We all have our area.

Be gentle with yourself.

And start where you are, Goddess!

Where are you right o is where you are meant to be and it’s never too late to start to shift the negative self-talk. 

To book a private coaching consultation, please go here. I’d love to hear more about your fears, dreams and desires and how I can hold space for you to soar!

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