This Will Make You Laugh (True Story)

Hi Goddess!

Happy Tuesday!

Have you ever had an unmistakable sign from the Universe? When it comes to love, I felt like a good chunk of my dating life, I was “spinning” and trying to make things happen. I was very much in my masculine energy.

This was helpful when it came to work and being productive, but when it came to attracting partners that really appreciated and loved me…. not just for what I did for them but for who I was, I kept striking out.

In the early 2000’s, I was also dating this hot Navy lieutenant long-distance who was exciting but I never knew where I stood with him.

Around the same time, I was first introduced to Angels and intuition and all that “woo-woo” stuff by a good friend named Zack. (Zack if you’re reading this, I know you will smile!)

I thought it was super silly but one night really reminded me of the power of surrendering, especially in love.

If you’ve been in my world awhile, you may have heard this story before but it’s a great one to remember if you’ve forgotten how loved you are, have been trying to do it all yourself and need a little nudge to reconnect.

Full disclosure: I haven’t shared this video in a long time. My hair is well, different than it is now. It is from a submission video I made to Hay House way back in 2010 about the power of intuition, trusting and asking for Divine assistance in dating. Since that time, I’ve spoken on numerous stages where I look wayyy more polished, and “together” but my heart and intuition said to share this raw one with you today.

After you watch it, I’m super curious:

Q: have you had a similar experience that required you to trust and question your own beliefs around love and being supported?

Hit reply or leave a comment underneath the blog. I’d love to hear from you!

Watch the video below:

My Fave Way to Clear Negative Vibes Fast!

Happy Tuesday!

One of the things I get asked a lot is how to clear negative energy.

Whether it’s just getting yourself out of a weird funk or releasing stuff you may have unconsciously taken on from that person at the grocery store, etc, having something simple and effective to do is key!

And to position yourself this year for high-quality relationships, massive abundance and more joy, having this tool in your back pocket is invaluable.

I use this tool a lot and if you’re an empath and particularly sensitive to other energies, you’re going to love this.

Watch below to learn it!

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This Belief Can Change Everything, Goddess…

Happy Tuesday!

If you’re feeling some kind of way right now as December closes out, you’re exactly where you need to be right now.

A question I get asked a lot is, “Diana, what can I look at in myself to create more ease with attracting what I want-a soul mate, more money, etc?”

I am so excited to share this training video I did on this very subject.

Some of the things we talk about on it:
-a belief or invisible script that blocks attraction (most people don’t even realize they are running from this mindset!)
-why you don’t get what you desire (so simple but again, when we are ‘in’ it, we don’t see it always)
-questions you can ask yourself to start to get to the root of what you need to see in order to manifest with more ease and frequency

Check it out below:

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How to Let the Divine In (Manifesting Secrets!)

Happy Tuesday!

What do you do when you’ve done all you think of towards manifesting your heart’s desire?

You know you shouldn’t attach to the outcome and you want to surrender, but what does that look like?

I call this last step, Inviting the Divine in.

Basically, getting out of your own way.

Want to hear a true story of the Divine in action + two tangible things you can do to invite in surrender? Watch below:

Q: What is 1 insight that came up for you as you watched this? Share by leaving a comment and if you’d like to manifest and release energy from 2023 to make space for an amazing 2024, go here to join Winter Magic: A Winter Solstice virtual retreat! There are still a handful of spaces left.