Virgo Energy – How’s Your Self Car?

Happy Tuesday and hello from the Bay Area!

I’m in town for a bestie’s baby shower and yesterday we both did a meditation for the New Moon which made her crack up.

The person leading the meditation kept mentioning birthing and planting seeds and lying in a garden and both of us were splayed out in her extensive backyard with the garden and the clouds overhead. Was a perfect afternoon.

As we round the end of August, these last few days invite ll of us to question and step up our self care. 

Are you happy with the self care routine you have? 

Are you overworking or obsessing about something out of your control? 

Are you feeling at peace in your body and mind? If not, it may be time for a tweak. 

This week, on my way to California, I made an impromptu video from SFO airport all about the Virgo New Moon and themes and more reflection questions you can consider as we wrap up August and head into September. 

Check it out below: 

And if you are ready to step up your receiving muscle, check out the upcoming NEW! course, Embody which will begin September 11th! I’d love to teach you how to be a magnet for the things you desire. 

Embrace the Paradox of Multiple Truths

Happy Tuesday! 

Let’s cut right to the chase, shall we? 

As humans, we like neat little boxes. 

Our brains like definitive answers ad structure and compartments. 

Not just for paper, but also for thoughts… and personal truths. 

And when it comes to our most important relationships, sometimes, the reality is that there are multiple truths that occur simultaneously that seem to contradict each other. 

He’s a great guy…and I’m not attracted to him. 

I know this could be a great opportunity…and I know I can’t do the job for what they will pay. 

I want to go out on this date…and my body is telling me I need to rest.

So often, we rationalize or fight with ourselves how this could possibly be. 

And you end up doubting yourself, thinking the Universe isn’t listening and it can create a whole lotta unnecessary self-talk that is unsupportive of you calling in the love that you seek. 

So…what to do? 

Plain and simple, when you can honor all your Truths, even the inconvenient ones, and all the fun emotions that accompany those, it creates space for more aligned options to present themselves!

And each time you honor and express your Truth (into no one but your beautiful self!), you build up that self-trust muscle and self-confidence that makes you so damn attractive to everything your soul really really desires. 

So, that’s your invitation this week gorgeous: 

Q: What are 3 of your personal truths that want to be seen and expressed? You can think of a particular situation you’ve been wrestling with this week or just do general heart dump. Let it all come out-and you’ll be sure to find some interesting gems in there. BONUS points if you share a comment on the blog with one your truths! 

ps: Do you struggle with negative self-talk? Want to turn that ship around now? 

Click here.