It all boils down to this baby…

Stop basing your self-worth on what happened in the past. 

You can create a new reality for yourself right now if you really want to.

It starts by deciding. 

Making a decision that you are going to show up as the woman you want to be. 

Not a version of yourself from the past that only thought she was capable of what you created/allowed/accepted previously.

That is old news!

Many women tell me they want a great soul mate relationship. 

The first step towards attracting that is to be so magnetic and aligned within yourself that you can’t help but treat yourself as the soul mate you desire so badly. 

But it has to be real. 

It has to be authentic. 

And it starts by putting on your big Goddess panties, looking yourself in the eye and saying, “Okay-today I choose to create a new reality based on NOW. I’ve learned from the past and I no longer let it limit me and what is possible.” 

Start there. 

Q: What is one thing from your past you need to unpack a bit? Where has it been affecting you now? Are you willing to believe something differently? 

Hit reply and let me know!

You’ve got this Goddess!

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