Happy Tuesday Goddess!

How have you been feeling? How was Lion’s Gate (8/8) for you?

We have a brilliant, bold, New Moon in Leo (roar!!!) this week (Wed, Aug 16) and if you’ve been feeling ready for a re-do, re-set, re-calibration, you’ve got your wish.

I don’t always share about my personal life on here but this week it feels really appropriate.

The theme of the week? It is safe to care for yourself. You deserve to be your own priority. Ask for what you need without apology and trust that you will be supported.

I believe that our bodies never lie and when it’s time for us to slow down, if we don’t listen to the whispers and gentle nudges, they become louder until the body forces you to take a break.

I’m usually really great with self-care and pride myself on taking exceptional care of my energy.

But this past week, I fell off the wagon I barely made it onto.

My lesson:

I’ve just come back from a whirlwind fun and non-stop two-week trip to California visiting my husband’s family and choreographing two musical theatre shows for children in the SF Bay Area (my home away from home!). Yes, the Dancing Goddess actually dances! 🙂

I felt so alive, so in my creative flow and in the midst of that, I was also working with clients, reconnecting with my old neighborhood in Haight/Ashbury and speaking with dear friends I hadn’t seen in forever. It was magical and nostalgic and powerful. I loved working with 20 amazing children and helping them bring the Addams Family and The Greatest Show on Earth to life in steps!

My soul was so happy and by the end of the camp, I also felt ready to come home to my own bed!

But as soon as I arrived home, another unexpected work opportunity called me out of town… for three additional days.

Again, wonderful opportunity, but my body was saying, “Please be careful. You’re doing too much right now.”

My husband gave me the look-as if to say, “I don’t see you for a week and now you’re leaving again? You just said you were tired.”

Listen, yo

I didn’t listen.

I headed back out there and was running on adrenaline, little sleep and way too many matcha lattes!

I never thought I’d be that person going through the daily drive thru at Starbucks but that was me the past week.

It wasn’t fun.

My body is so sensitive and I felt my heart racing faster than normal, my hands shaking a bit from the caffeine and no matter how many hours of sleep I got, I never felt fully rested when I woke up.

I was reacting to everything, manic and scared I’d miss something if I didn’t address it ASAP as if everything was a true emergency (few things really are).

When I finally drove back home on 1-10, I started crying randomly from this really deep, guttural place inside me.

I wasn’t forming complete sentences on the phone with my husband.

A voice said, “Diana, this Wonder Woman thing you have going on isn’t working. You have to dial it back a bit or you’re going to end up in the hospital or looney bin.” (My Spirit Guides have a sense of humor).

Don’t End Up in the Looney Bin

To drive the message home, my coach also sent me a WhatsApp message which I had ignored for awhile (too busy to check messages!): “You have been operating at 20% and tried to fill up your tank with a nap or caffeine but ultimately you were still only functioning at 30-35% of your energetic capacity when you do that. You need to get yourself back to a true baseline first.”

Damn, she was right too. Message received.

I’m happy to report I finally did make it home and took this humbling experience to heart.

I’ve gotten fully sleep and feel like a whole new Goddess.

I can have conversations without needing to power myself up with caffeine.

I turned my phone off and rescheduled appointments I knew I didn’t have the bandwidth for, even when I was afraid of disappointing people.

I re-evaluated my priorities and although I continue to receive amazing invitations, if they don’t align right now with my priorities, I politely decline.

I’m not perfect at all this by any means, but it feels so good to share this in the spirit that if you too have been:

-running on fumes or needing other people’s approval
-overdoing it
-over scheduling
-under nourishing yourself, that this helps you in some way.

To recap:

It is safe to care for yourself.

You deserve to be your own priority.

Ask for what you need without apology and trust that you will be supported.

ps: Monday (21st) is my birthday-yay! And in celebration of that, the New Moon and all things Self-Care, I’ve created a Birthday Bundle of 3 Gold Treatment Energy Healings to support you in your own self-care journey. Click below!

Make it an amazing week and if this spoke to you, forward this to a friend who could benefit!

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