Video (3:55): 3 Core Principles to Having a Healthy Relationship

I have some exciting news!

A few days ago, my little sister, Susan announced that her and her partner are officially engaged!They were long distance-my sis lives in LA and her partner lived in Nashville up until a few days ago!And honestly, when she first told me that (having done my fair share of long distance love before-anyone remember Japan? 🙂 my first reaction was…”hmmmm. how is THAT going to work?”

3 C’s:

But, they have beat the odds and when I dug a little deeper, I realized 3 CORE principles that their relationship has that all my other long distance attempts did not that made ALL the difference. And I want to share them with you. They apply not only to your love life, but to your spiritual one as well and you must have ALL 3 to sustain a healthy relationship in my opinion.

Watch it below!


Take Action:

Which core principle speaks to YOU today?




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