Have you ever had a terrible-no good-very-bad day?

You know, when you’re weeping at everything, everyone gets under your skin and you just think your life is one big shit show.
I found myself being in judgement of everything and everyone.

Or is that just me?
So in an effort to calm myself, I opened up my phone app and started listening to Matt Kahn’s The Empathic Heart show on Hay House.

The guy has one of the most soothing voices on the planet, so I highly recommend his show for that benefit alone! 

Anyway, he was talking about the secret to releasing judgement.
He said something that made the clouds part for me that I wanted to share with you.

Ah-ha moment:
And I’m paraphrasing but it was along the lines of… “Honesty, radical honesty, is the key to release the judgement we feel or direct towards others. And affirmations without first admitting your true feelings are a crock of shit.”

Definitely paraphrasing..

But it led to me getting two sheets of paper out and writing at the top “I’ve been afraid to admit that…..” and I just let myself write write write without censoring.
Some of the stuff shocked me and other stuff just felt so free to let out.

What I got was that

1) when you are honest with yourself, radically honest, even if you aren’t ready to take any action towards whatever it is and

2)  it frees up energy so you can start to insert the helpful energy aka affirmations after that without feeling weird or fake

Ex: Even though I feel super heavy right now in my body and feel fat , I see how this feeling is helping me pay more attention to this beautiful vessel so I can accept myself and treat myself with more loving kindness…

Here’s your Love offering this week goddess: 

Tell yourself the Radical Truth + Release judgements free write:

“Even though I feel…..(insert the raw truth of the deal you’ve been avoided, obsessing about, write your truth), I see how it is helping me….(affirmation).

How does it feel to write that?

The more you tell the truth to yourself, the greater you open your heart to love and feel like there is enough love in the world.

And THAT makes you damn attractive, goddess.

Did this strike a cord with you? Leave a comment and tell me about it.

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