ready for good things? may msg inside!

Happy Wed and May 1!

After the wonkiness of April, May is such a breath of fresh air.

The theme of the month is J-o-y!

In this Goddess monthly video I share:

  • 5 Goddess card messages for each of the 5 weeks of the month so you know what to expect, what the focus is energetically and how you can maximize the vibes!
  • Two important dates you want to circle on your calendar
  • An important question to ask yourself to set yourself up for the best month!

Watch it here:

ps: Are you craving more support and wish that you could be around people who are also into spiritual, woo woo stuff and creating empowered relationships?

Doors will be opening in the next week for The Empowered Goddess Society, a fun, virtual monthly circle and community where you can get insight, energy healing and Goddess inspiration! Want to get advanced notice before I send it to everyone? Click here:

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