Have you ever felt super stuck in your own head, obsessing about this way or that way that you can barely hear you own voice? 

I’ve been there before Goddess ad wanted to share this powerful exercise with you that my good friend Christa shared with me that has helped so any clients get out of their own way and back in the driver’s seat of their desires!

The exercise:

Get out a pen and paper and light a candle if you wish…

Write a stream of consciousness for the next 60 seconds on the following: “If you know the anwser would be yes, what would you want?” Said another way, “If I knew the answer would be yes, I would let myself want…” 

The second phrasing is helpful to get around subconscious blocks and programming that says you’re “bad/should feel guilty/etc” for wanting what you want. 

What comes out? 

Ask the question again if need be, and again.

Ask it daily.

Let me pour out of you.

Step into that space of unlimited possibilities and no caps on your desires. 

Happy writing!

ps: If you actually do the exercise, I’d love to hear from you! Leave me a comment on the blog with one that came up or hit reply to the email. 

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