Want to set yourself apart from the crowd? The most common thing people ask on a date (and in life) + what to say instead

Soul-centered dating tip #2 is here for you!

Have you ever been out with someone new and they of course ask you the inevitable question (can you guess what it is?) ______________

If you’re a Soul-centered, fabulous woman, you probably already know that in order to stand out from the crowd, you have to do things well…a little different. Authentic to you. Yes. But different than everyone else or what you’ve been taught you SHOULD say on a date.

This tip has literally changed my life and my relationships (and not just in love). I’m excited to share this simple, yet powerful tweak with you that you can apply to any conversation, but especially on that hot date you know you’re going to be going on soon!

In this SHORT (3:01 min) video you will:
● learn what the most common question people get asked (and ask) and why it’s actually blocking the energy flow of love
● learn what to say if you get asked the question above that positions you as graceful, insightful and damn attractive to the other person
● learn a new way to ask the question above that sets you apart from the crowd and opens up your intuitive channels!

Fun Bonus: I experimented with some music in this video and the name of the track of course is called “Catwalk!” Work it girl!

After you watch, be sure to post a comment to the question below! I love hearing from you and you never know who needs to see exactly what you have to say too!


Q: Ok, hot mama…what are YOUR P’s? Do you have a unique way you handle the common question on a date? Leave a comment below

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