What to do when you find out you’ve been blindsided in a relationship: The shadow side of the Law of Attraction

Are you attracting or have you ever attracted Dr. Jekyll/ Mr Hyde in your relationships?

Do you wonder what you’re doing wrong to attract these less-than-desirable dates into your space?

It’s easy to think that there’s something wrong with you or that the Law of Attraction is not working, but if you peer deeper, these less-than-desirable dates can be vital information that can help you fine-tune your manifestation mojo in love.

In this video, you will learn:
•What the Law of Attraction is and how it shows up in relationships (I call it the Shadow)
•What to do when you’ve just been blindsided by a date and wonder what you did wrong
•What question(s) to ask yourself to strengthen your manifestation mojo in dating (and all relationships) so you stop getting the same lesson with a different face

After you watch, I’d love to hear from you in the comments so be sure and check out the question below!

This week’s question: Have YOU ever been blindsided in love?

What happened and how did you pick yourself back up? What did you learn about yourself? Post your stories, tips and any helpful insights!

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    • dianadorell
      dianadorell says:

      Thank you for sharing this Neil! Yes, our manifestations are a direct product of our predominant thoughts and our Soul lessons. It’s always fun to look and ask, Hmmm what is this teaching me about myself? Love,Diana


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