what’s your personal year number for 2015? find out!

2015 is a year of abundance, expansion and freedom!

It vibrates to the number 8 (2+0+1+5=8).

I have not one but TWO videos for you!


Video #1: The Energy of 2015 (General)


Video #2: YOUR Personal Year Vibration 

And in addition to the energy of the Universal year, it’s important to know your unique Personal Year number so you can see how to capitalize on the opportunities coming your way!

How to calculate your Personal Year: 3 easy steps

  1. Take the month you were born and add it to the day you were born. 

Example: Someone born on January 1, would add (January-1+ 1=2).

  1. Take that single-digit number and add the Universal Year (8)==2 + 8=10 
  1. Reduce it to a single digit and voila, you have your Personal Year Number!

(10=1 + 0= 1 Personal Year)


Watch the video below to hear my channeled insights about 2015 and each personal year number.


In a hurry? Use the guide below for a quick overview of the themes in each.

Personal Year Themes

1:  creating a new path, forging ahead in a new direction solo, leaving the past behind for good

2: partnerships, compassion, peace-making and collaboration

3: creating social circles/joy, sense of community and communication

4: creating solid systems and structure, bringing in order to your life 

5:  travel, communications, learning about different cultures, beauty

6: family, grounding/putting down some roots, creating a sense of home

7: spiritual development, intuitive insights, redefining your priorities

8: abundance, expansion, mastering money and the material world

9: teaching, incurring knowledge, being a student of your life, expanding your awareness of cultures and differences in people




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  1. Lynsey
    Lynsey says:

    Diana, thanks so much for these videos! I feel it. And makes total sense! Last year I was the blah 4 year… And I am not going to lie it was hard lol ( sorry 4’s). I am excited and looking forward to my 5 year of travel I already feel myself wanting to explore new avenues woo hoo!
    Thanks again xo


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