Happy August and Tuesday!

How are you feeling? 

Welcome to the big, bold month of August! 

It’s a packed month with lots of opportunities for healing relationships, cleaning up your self-talk and being confident in moving forward past challenges. 

I just got back from a short vacation to California and got engaged! 

I will have to share another post about that soon with you, but like the energy of this month, it felt/feels big energetically and emotionally and exciting and a little scary all wrapped together! 

Hang on to your hats! 

August is going to be revealing and powerful.

Watch the August Goddess Guidance Oracle message where I pull intuitive cards around what you can expect this month as far as themes, relationships and how to navigate what comes up below!

ps: Are you ready to call in love? I’m so excited to share that I’ll be teaching a new course, 18 Days to Energize your LOVE Space in the next two weeks! Stay tuned to your inboxes for a special invitation later this week. 

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