on dating multiple people-good idea or not?

Have you ever had friends or even a coach tell you to date more than one person at the same time?

If you tend to be someone who is a one-person-kinda-goddess, this dating tip can feel weird or off-putting.

But when you understand the right way to do it, it can actually help you increase your chances of attracting a quality relationship. 

Without feeling icky or inauthentic, which is key!

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1. Stay objective

Dating multiple people at once helps you get to know whether or not you have compatible values, relationship goals and how you feel about yourself when you are with them…without getting so emotionally attached to one before you know who they actually are!

Now, notice I said dating multiple people, not sleeping with multiple people.

In this sense, dating meaning going out, having conversations and getting to know each other.

2. Commit for the right reasons

Putting all your energy into one person or sleeping with someone too early before you know where they stand in relation to what you truly want can muddy the waters and make you attach prematurely and for the wrong reasons.

Getting to know multiple people can help you sift through what you truly want and make sure you are moving towards a shared goal together. And if it’s not right, it’s easier to move on! 

3. Honesty is key.

Until you have an exclusive arrangement (which is a conversation you both have with each other), you are not obligated to share that you are seeing other people. Particularly if you are not being physically intimate with anyone.

However, if you want to disclose that, that is totally up to you. If asked, and you want to say something, you could say, “I’m getting to know a few people right now and when exclusivity is discussed with anyone, of course that will change things.”

The more you can follow these 3 principles, the more you can increase your chances of picking the right person to move forward with!

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2 replies
  1. Elena
    Elena says:

    Thanks Diana, I have this kind of in and out relationship with this guys and it’s been 2 years now, I feel we have never been properly together and he’s clearly not available because of past issues but every time he tries to free himself from me, he comes back because it is not what he wants and he also feels like me that we have a bond that’s hard to break. I have been considering seeing other people but we discussed that we are exclusive and the only thought makes me anxious and guilty, because I want only him and can’t think about somebody else in my life. So I will feel like cheating.
    What’s your suggestion? Do you really think it will help me? At the same time I can’t think him seeing other girls, so I am being mean. I have a war inside myself.

    • Diana Dorell
      Diana Dorell says:

      Hi Elena! Thank you for your message goddess. So, from what you shared, this is not a new relationship-which is what this advice is geared towards (in the dating stage before exclusivity has been discussed) so unless you are both on board for an open relationship, dating multiple people may create confusion. If you would like to explore this for your specific situation, I would suggest booking an intuitive reading or exploring coaching. You can check that out here: https://dianadorell.com/work-with-me/


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