3 qualities that make men want you

Have you ever seen women who may not have the best body, the most attractive face but they seem to draw an abundance of men and you can’t help but wonder, what does she have that I don’t?

They have this It factor about them and it’s more than just a great personality.

You can’t put your finger on it, but you want to know how you generate that for yourself.

The good news is that it’s not rocket science and it has nothing to with trying to be someone you aren’t. (hooray!)

Over the years of speaking with private clients, (and surveying my male clients!), I have found 3 consistent qualities that make the difference between being just another woman with a nice personality…and being the woman that he wants and can’t get enough of!

Listen here for the full juicy tips or prefer to read for cliff notes? Scroll down!

If you’ve been attracting men that aren’t treating you well or as well as you want,you’ll want to pay attention to these 3 qualities because the more you bring them out, the more he’s going to want you.

*For those of you who are happily married or happily single, the 3 qualities I share can easily translate to your other relationships (personal-family, friends, etc and professional-clients, JV partners, etc). 

Mystery: When you can hold back a bit emotionally and not disclose everything about your childhood, your ex, or any other heavy topic at the beginning, you create an air of mystery that makes him want to learn more. Staying in the mindset of “the best is yet to come” with communication and what you reveal can help generate this natural curiosity in others.

Optimism: Being happy about your life and being able to roll with the punches when things don’t go your way can make you irresistible to be around because the other person isn’t responsible for your happiness-it shines from within you! When you feel even happier when you are with them and are having fun when you are together, it also generates passion and a desire to give more to you.

Self-respect: There is a way to honor your boundaries and energy without being unkind or negative. Stating your preferences and using language that easily communicates how you expect to be treated (and demonstrating and backing this up through your actions) makes you a high-value woman.

The more you can cultivate each of these three qualities in yourself, the more he will want to claim you and make you his!

Q: Which of the three traits speaks to you today? Share a comment and are you desiring support in bringing out all three of these traits so you can be magnetic to men and other things in your life?

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