Simple 3-Step Process to Getting Creatively Unstuck (C.P.A)

October is poised with many changes and brimming with opportunities for you if you are coming from your INTUITON (vs. your HEAD) to notice them!

In this special October video, you will:

  • Learn what October holds for you from a spiritual/numerology perspective (Each month has a life theme and this one is POWERFUL!)
  • Learn my top secret mantra to help you get moving NOW
  • Learn a simple 3-step process to stop feeling guilty about being “stuck” and re-open your creative channels so you can feel relaxed, confident and inspired to move forward.

Take Action: Watch the video and after you watch it, SHARE it with a friend!

SPECIAL announcement:

To celebrate the beginning of October, I am so excited to offer $100 off registration for Soothe Your Soul, my live retreat in magical Sedona! This offer is good until 12midnight Pacific Standard Time this Friday, October 5.

To learn more about the special, click here

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