To the end. And the beginning. Join me for my last radio show on SoulsJourney tonight at 10pm EST.

“In the end is my beginning.”-T.S Elliot

Have you ever reached a point in your life where you knew that it was time to say goodbye/venture out into the unknown, even though there was no clear reason for doing so? Just a quiet, consistent knowing?

Sometimes it shows up as a whisper. Other times, the message seems to be mirrored in everything around you.

If we don’t listen, there could quite literally be a billboard above you with the very thing you need to see before you act on the inevitable. That change is about to happen. In a major way. With us at the driver’s seat. Sometimes with no guarantee of a direct route to point B. (Sometimes it’s more like Point A to Point C, then Point B1 and then back to A to get to the real B.) 

I couldn’t sleep last night and so instead of giving in to monkey mind about how the brain needs X hours to function (true but not a particularly useful thought in the moment), I simply closed my eyes and channeled a message on the subject of endings. This message comes from the Hindu Goddess of Knowledge and Creativity, Sarasvati. She hangs in my living room and if you ever find yourself in a place of imbalance or confusion, she’s a wonderful Guide to call on to help you calm nerves and come back to center. To do so, just close your eyes, call her name with intention, share what you’d like her help with and then follow any guidance you receive. It may take some time but she’s very receptive.

Message for you/The collective YOU from Sarasvati:

“Time is an illusion of the Human Mind. What appears to be an ending is a beginning but even the words ‘end’ and ‘beginning’ are constructs of the logical mind. Your Spirit knows that when you release the charge of language and words and instead, tune into a subtle frequency, your Divine Wisdom, you become free of this thing you call Time. You can see a vast space, a landscape, on which you may create whatever you wish. It begins with your thoughts. What will you choose to create today for yourself? Begin there. Or end there. It makes no difference. But go with all your heart.”

My Big News and a Thank YOU:
Will you please join me this evening at 10pm EST? (That is 7pm for those on the West Coast)
Tonight (Tuesday, September 25) I am having a virtual FAREWELL/CELEBRATION of NEW BEGINNINGS party on It is my FINAL show on-air after almost FOUR beautiful years and it would mean so much to me if you could be there to help me celebrate and close out an important chapter/open a new one. Some of you have known me since the very first show I did and others of you may be new to my community, but regardless of how long we’ve known each other, I am so incredibly honored to know you.
3 Reasons Why You Should Come :
  • hear fun, inspirational stories from celebrity guests I have interviewed to bloopers and behind-the-scenes tid bits 
  • get a FREE LIVE Angel card reading for yourself and possibly win a FREE gift from me!  (Angel card readings is where I got my first start as a professional intuitive, so I’m going to honor that and have fun with it!) for those who call in LIVE (the number is 724-444-1325) or you can tune in online at
  • If you’re going through your own transition, I promise you’ll be in a high-energy, playful, FUN space with like-minded people who are probably going through something similar. You never know who you could meet.
Ok, that’s all.
I love you and I hope you can make it. 10pm EST. Call in/listen from your phone: 724-444-1325. or online at
And either way, experiment with releasing the need to focus on the HOW something should come in (or leave) your life and instead consider this:
“What will I create today for myself starting in this moment?”
Post your response on the blog! When we write it and say it, we declare it. And then really cool things can happen. Unexpected. Magical. And truly aligned with the energy of YOU. Remember to smile and I’ll “see” you on air tonight!
ps: Can you do me a HUGE favor and forward this post on to a friend or two who may be navigating a difficult transition or change? I’d love it if they could make it to my party and get inspired! 

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2 replies
  1. Maryellen Smith
    Maryellen Smith says:


    Congratulations on 4 years of doing your show! You have done an outstanding job and provided an amazing service.

    I am looking forward to hearing what your next big project will be.

    I know the show tonight will be awesome!

    Maryellen 🙂

  2. KaRon Westmoreland (PeaceAnatrix, Moonbeam Daisy)
    KaRon Westmoreland (PeaceAnatrix, Moonbeam Daisy) says:

    I cannot stop the tears…
    I’m at place of complete loss and anxiety in life.

    A little over two years ago I left my Soulmate and Best friend. We were friends/recreational (since we were 20 yrs old while at University of GA) and eventually fell deeply passionately in love.

    Over the years, he went from being my partner in life to more of a care-taker as my mental illness battles took a toll on both of us. Thing is that I found my light and got control of my mental demons and I felt like he couldn’t/wouln’t see the new real me. I felt like I’d caused him sooooo much pain over the years and problems surfaces intimately, passionately, and with our communications.

    I felt completely shut down by him….He could no longer be open to me.

    So, Because I was (still am) soooo deeply in love with him, I ended our relationship of over 20 years. I felt that I had to “set him free of me” in order for him to find his own TRUE happiness. It was the most selfless thing that I have ever done.

    Shortly after our break-up, I (thought) I had fallen for another long time friend. I know now that I just ran to this person because he was validating me and my need for emotional/passionate approval that had been missing in my previous long time relationship.

    I know now that I let the latest relationship go on FARRRR tooooo long. He was controlling in an abusive way and at times physically abusive. He was in crisis with addiction when our relationship began. He/his addictions (plural)/his controlling literally caused me a complete mental breakdown. I have finally removed my blinders and see him for the dark soul that he NOW is.

    I am left emotionally, mentally and financially bankrupt.

    I have lost the once close ties with my biological family, my community of friends, my music family, and my sense of self and belonging that once came easily.

    The worst part is that I lost soooo many close friends due to his actions. I lost my Soulmate and best friend that I spent my entire adult life being able to go to.

    I am soooo filled with anxiety and regret.

    I am consciously working on making amends and so far so good, except where my Soul Mate and Best Friend is concerned. I regret soooo many thing, I ache for his love and friendship, I am still in love with him. He, however, cannot find it in him to forgive me or return my many attempts to contact him!

    Lost, Scared, and Soul-Broken,
    All my love my Dancing Goddess!
    404 343 3123


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