3 steps to pull yourself out of an emotional hole (aka a crappy as& day)

Fact: No matter how many affirmations you do, or how well intentioned you are, having a doozy of a day is bound to happen every now and then.
Being on the spiritual path doesn’t mean you won’t ever encounter sadness, anger or rage. Or crappy experiences. Or your own negative self talk.

Quite the contrary actually.

I work with highly intuitive, successful clients and the further they go on the spiritual path and peel back the layers of crap that kept them from fully experiencing a high-quality relationship and optimum self-love, the greater their sensitivity and more finely-tuned their intuition gets.

Which is awesome and with that, comes an increased level of responsibility for taking care of your energy and knowing how to pull yourself out of a rut/self-soothe!

So, on the days where your energy is a bit lower than normal and you are particularly sensitive to the vibes of the people around you, it’s more important than ever to

a)  give yourself permission to move through tough moments. Feel the feelings, rage, cry, let.it.out in a wild dance or howl (brownie points if you don’t live in a city like NYC where no one really gives a rats as& if you howl in public!)

b)  Give yourself permission to tell your Ego to take a hike…before it tries to take you into a downward spiral, telling you a story of why you aren’t good enough/worthy enough/deserving enough/how the Universe doesn’t really care about you at all/etc etc (insert any other super victim-like thought here).

See when you distill it down to the simplest form, getting yourself out of an emotional hole is all about the story.

And in any given moment, you can ask yourself:

c) “Is the story I’m choosing to believe right now about myself supportive or destructive, given what I really really care about?” If it isn’t, then say, “Thank you very much, but we already read that book. NEXT!” And find a new story that is supportive.

Just even asking the question above can take you out of your head and back into what is important to you, without all the judgement, emotion and energetic haze.

Now over to you: which of the 3 steps (a, b or c) are you open to playing with this week? Share with us in the comments and have a fantastic week!


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