3 tips to use your feminine and masculine energy to manifest effectively (true story)

Have you been driving yourself mad trying to do it all alone, wondering why you seem to be manifesting slowly or not at all and getting exhausted in the process?

 This is the negative aspect of masculine energy. The positive one is taking Action and being clear and responsible for that action.

Have you been so passive and stuck in your head or emotions that you feel paralyzed to take action for fear that it won’t work out or that you will be judged?

This is the negative aspect of the feminine. The positive one is tuning in and opening up your receptivity, connecting to your inner wisdom before you act. 

If you are too much in one energy, life feels really, really hard. 

But when you can tune in (your feminine), then the actions become simple. (your masculine). They work together in harmony and you feel calm inside, even when what you’re dealing with is really challenging. 

Learning how to dance between the two is what it takes to attract a high-caliber, high-vibe intimate partnership.

I got reminded of both energies at an event I attended years ago. 

#1- Know what you’re asking for

Looked like…

Before the event, I sat in Meditation and felt myself connecting to so many people. (Feminine).

I took the time to feel the energy of love coming out of my heart chakra to theirs and receiving love back if they were sending it to me. 

It made me giddy and excited and I felt lots of warm energy and Angels around. 

I would attract in people who were ready for the work and who were willing to invest in themselves/saw the value of the services I was offering. (The Masculine). 

I would stay open to who I was meant to serve and trusted that they would come (Feminine) and would remember to also clearly state my services and hand them a flier about my work and events (Masculine). With that, we packed up and went to the Fair.

#2:  Trust Your Feminine, Then Activate Your Masculine

I was at the event for many hours and there were inevitable slow periods so my friend and I would take turns being at the booth. 

(And you guys know I go a little stir crazy if I am asked to sit for too long) so I decided I’d walk around to see the other vendors, treat myself to a reading or a gift, explore, go get more water, walk out for a moment to feel the sun, etc. 

Well, whenever I’d come back, my friend (with a big smile on her face that said, “I’m trying to figure out how to say this nicely….”)said,

“Diana, every time you walk away and go explore, the people come and want to book a mini session with you but you aren’t here. 

One older woman came back twice. I wasn’t sure what to tell her.”

Ok. Pause.

A few years ago, I would have chained myself to that booth chair for fear that I would “not be available or miss out somehow.” 

I would have sacrificed my well being and done readings even when I had no water, had to pee or my stomach was growling because I had skipped lunch to help people.  

I went back to my original intention around trusting that the people I was meant to serve would be there.

 And I would also be pro-active in sharing what I could help them with if I felt that nudge within.

#3: Receive Divine Confirmation + Stop Questioning It (and yourself)

Ironically, this older woman came back (and my friend was the one wandering now.)

She was distraught, a little scattered but very happy to see me. She didn’t say anything except to ask timidly, “…Are YOU.Dianaaaaa Dorell.….?????”  

I just smiled and replied, “Yes I am. Nice to meet you!” 

She mentioned that she had been waiting for me. 

But then something unexpected came out of my mouth. 

Before I had her sit down, I (well, really the Angels/Spirit) started chatting about how I had just treated myself to a mini-reading with this woman on the other side of the room from me and how fabulous she was. 

The older woman’s eyes got wide and she said, “Oh, does she charge money?” I said, “I think it’s by donation but not required. 

And she said, “Well, I have to go see her then! I don’t have any money!” 

And off she went.

Now, I now some of you may be sitting there thinking, “Diana, that was so silly! You just turned away business!”

 But my intuition knew better. 

There was a reason why that came out of my mouth. 

I was not meant to serve her and she could be better served with this other woman. 

And it was no accident that each time she came by, I was unexpectedly “out of the office.” 

Not surprisingly, after I had my luxurious lunch, had received a mini reading for myself and replenished my water bottle, I attracted lotsof people, some of who did get a reading and others who I am considering partnering with to help other men and women!  

The best part? They got all of me. Not the overgiving Diana who was exhausted. 

The full, sparkly Goddess version of me, which is where I do my best work and have the most fun!

It all comes back to you:

I got exactly what I asked for.  And I truly believe that the reason why was that I didn’t let my mind, any fears or other people’s opinions or beliefs override my own inner wisdom.

I believe you can have the relationship you really want, especially if you are willing to commit 100% to this dance between these two energies. 

It takes trust, practice, faith, yes. 

But if you can stay in the middle, which is knowing when it’s time to activate (take action/masculine) and when you need to simply hold space and let it be (tune into your feminine), life can be pretty sweet!

Q: Have you struggled with being too much in your masculine or feminine? Share with us in the comments!

ps: If you are struggling with tuning into your feminine energy and want to learn how to trust it to attract great love and opportunities, let’s connect! This is what I love helping clients with!

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