3 tricks to make first meetings less awkward

Happy Wed!

I was at a restaurant the other night and couldn’t help noticing a couple to the left whose body language screamed, “We are on a first date!”

You know what I mean right? The nervous tone and stilted chuckle when asking and answering questions.

The stiff body language and constant shifting.

At one point, I think the girl even snuck in a text under the table.

(I know…I can’t help it. This is what fascinates me).

First dates and first meetings of any kind can be awkward as hell.

But they don’t have to be.

Here are 3 tricks you can use to make the whole process way more enjoyable.

full transparency: This audio was transcribed from a video I did around the same topic, so if you hear the word video, that’s why! #keepitsimple #goddessway #easeandgrace yo!

Listen here:

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Zoom 10day challenge.jpg

Have an amazing rest of your week and if you see first daters out there, have compassion 😉

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