Are you feeling exhausted, emotional or empty? open up!

I spent a good part of Saturday in my bed cocooning with books, staring into space, and writing in my journal. Oh..and eating.

And giving myself permission to do so.

It’s not always easy.

Our logical mind says, “You should be doing something more productive!”

Screw that.

Productivity comes from a peaceful center. And sometimes that requires a slow-down or a stop. Click here to Tweet that.

It’s the Goddess way.

It’s not all about driving or pushing yourself hard.

And if you’re feeling depleted in any way, it’s a good sign that you’ve ignored your feminine energy.

Feminine energy goes inward and its symbol is a spiral.

If you look at a spiral, it feels like you’re just going around and around or nowhere but nothing could be further from the truth.

You gather layer upon layer of information and energy and retreat into a space in the center or the top (depending on how you draw it!) to sort it all out and see what’s there waiting for you.

Very different than pushing and shoving your way to the top, worrying about what everyone else is doing or if you got their first? (distorted masculine energy that our society loooves so much!)

Free Goodie for you.but first, will you Stop Doing it All Yourself?

One of the Goddess principles I teach my clients (male or female!) is to encourage them to stop doing it all alone and to notice what arises in their body when they think about that.

Sometimes it feels really really hard to ask for help or to just notice that two heads really can be better than one!

And so, to walk my own talk, I’ve asked my good friend, Mary Susan Gala, The Feminine Wisdom Genie, to teach us this week!

I interviewed her last week on my show and she shared an exercise with us to help you tap into your 2nd chakra (where we store a lot of shame and stories around receiving!)

#1 Listen to the Radio Interview

She’s helped so many women with their life challenges and have witnessed personal


Click here!


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