Are you in a transactional relationship? find out below!

“No, I’ve got it. You got it last time!”

“No, that’s so sweet of you, but really it’s YOU that is amazing!”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll take care of it.”

Have you ever had someone share the above scenarios with you or have YOU said them?

While the energy of giving is beautiful and healthy, when it’s coming from a place of “I need to give this because you gave that” that is a sign that you could be in a Transactional Relationship.

Over time, this can erode your manifestation potential because it’s based on an underlying fear that if you don’t give, something could be lost or you could lose power.

The key is balance!

In this video (4:19 min) you will learn:
What a transactional relationship is and the potential long-term effects
The real reason why it’s hard to receive
A simple question you can ask to catch yourself in the act of engaging in a transactional relationship
3-steps to take if you are in a transactional relationship and how to stop the pattern!

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Your Turn:
Q: Have YOU ever been in a transactional relationship? Which end were you on and how did it feel? What helped you break the cycle? What did you learn about yourself?

Post a comment to any of the questions above! Let’s keep the energy moving!

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