Are your friends holding you back from attracting true love? 3 questions to ask yourself to do a “Friendventory”

Q: I have people that I’ve been friends with for years and while they sometimes put me down, I feel bad if I say anything to them. I’m tired of being single and I wonder why I’m still alone. Any advice on what I should do?

A: This is an awesome question as it speaks to several areas that could definitely help you bump up what I call your “Sparkle” factor aka your relationship mojo.


In this video (5:42 sec) you will learn:

    • The top reason why you could be blocking love without even knowing it
    • Why it’s so hard to stand up to friends and how to know if you just need a boundary or whether you should say goodbye to them
    • 3 questions to ask yourself to do a “Friendventory” on friends that are dragging you down
    • oodles of love and encouragement from Diana


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3 questions to ask yourself to do a “Friendventory”

1) When you think about how you FEEL in your friendship, is it anything like I described with the chiropractor’s office next to Dominoes? Uncomfortable, icky or like you just can’t wait until you can be somewhere else?


2) So, ask yourself, “What’s the biggest price you’re paying by keeping these people in your life?” What is the payoff?  I understand you feel bad if you say something to them, but by not saying anything at all, you’re getting the short end of the stick and you’re saying that it’s okay for them to continue the behavior. Next, you have to look at the payoff. Even if you don’t think there is one, there ALWAYS is one. What do you get to AVOID looking at in your life? What would have to change in YOUR life if you didn’t have drama with your friendships or close associations?


3) Would you feel comfortable introducing your Mr. Right, fabulous guy to them?

If not, then you may have to have an uncomfortable conversation and wean them from your life to make room for people who love, respect and want to root for you! You deserve it Goddess! Thanks so much for asking this and keep us posted on what happens!

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Your Turn:

Do YOU have a story about letting go of a friendship that wasn’t working? What helped you make the decision? Any advice or suggestions? Share by posting a comment below!

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