This secret could score you admiring glances from that hot stranger…shhhhh

Want to know the secret to receiving more compliments, unexpected gifts and yes, more attention from the opposite sex?The best part? It costs nothing and once you practice it enough, it will be become second nature.

I want to share it because it can also help you dramatically improve how you feel about yourself and consequently, increase the amount of positive attention and gifts you receive (sometimes from out of the blue, perfect strangers!)


Years ago, I tried it on my banker in California (shhh, don’t tell him!) and I actually was able to get a lot of annoying bank charges removed on my account and I think I said one sentence. That same day, I made sure I used the secret while walking on the street back to my house and even though I was wearing my ratty jeans and a tank top, I had more men staring and smiling at me than I thought was possible. (You know that feeling when you swear they must be staring at someone behind you so you try to be all cool, but then you realize, WOW, they really ARE staring at me?!) But the ultimate was when I used the secret and I got a phone call from a man that I was thinking about and obsessing when he was going to call me and voila, he called!


Now, of course everyone is different, but that’s just the tip of what is possible if you commit to using this secret.


The Secret: The Pleasure Vibe

There’s two parts to this secret. Part 1 is about YOU. Part 2 is about other people.


How it works:

Part 1 is about taking time to PLEASURE yourself every single day.NOTE: Now, to be clear, I’m not just talking about physical pleasure aka get out your vibrator, have crazy quickie sex etc, but that’s certainly one way to go about it. Pleasure is about any activity that activates your senses and is a personal ritual that you do for YOU.


This could be: reading a book in the park, taking a bubble bath, shopping at that vintage boutique you say you’re going to go to but never do, you get the picture. It’s non-negotiable time that is simply existing to pleasure and delight you. And you must do it EVERY DAY. It need not cost any money or take up your entire afternoon but it’s something that fills your cup up. See, when we take the time to consciously insert PLEASURE into our day, it actually sends a calming vibration to the brain and nervous system. It’s something to look forward to and while I’m not a scientist or a doctor, I know when I engage in it, my heart rate goes down, I feel lighter, saner and I come up with my most brilliant ideas. Because when you’re in pleasure or anticipating it, your energy is OPEN. It’s excited and BRIGHT. And that’s the SAME energy that attracts a man (or woman) worthy of your time.


So, what’s YOUR Pleasure activity? Write it down _____________________ .(You can probably think of more than that can’t you? Write the others down too!)


Part 2 is about consciously conjuring up pleasure feeling with other people in your everyday environment.


Now I know that sounded all witchy (conjuring is such a cool word!) but it’s never about manipulation. At all. It’s about choosing what to focus on in others and subconsciously, yourself. Because let’s face it. We’re all narcissistic and anyone we meet is simply a reflection of ourselves, or a part of ourselves that we recognize somewhere from some time.


How it works: Whenever you engage with someone, whether eye contact or conversation, pick ONE area of their body to appreciate. Like REALLY appreciate. Take it in. Let it fill your entire body for that moment. If you’re new to this, start with one person/day to get used to it. Or that really freaks you out, you can start by admiring a plant or a tree or a dog (hey, it’s all energy!) Be VERY specific. See, once you start sending out the “appreciate” vibe, the other person or thing 🙂 feels it and you will start to get that mirrored back to you. Mirrored back appreciation. Does it get any better than that?


An example from the bank in California years ago  (I can’t believe I’m sharing this!)

He was not that handsome. (I know, I’m direct.) He was a bit overweight and his shirt was kind of coming out of the side of his pants because it was too small. But I had picked him as my “pleasure” example to test the theory.


“So, what brings you here today, Diana?” He smiles really big.


“So, it seems that I have some charges on my account and I think they are overdrafts. Could you take a look and see if there’s anything you could do about that?”


“Uh, of course! Hang on just a minute while I pull up your account.”




Okay so now I consciously started to focus on one attribute which was his broad shoulders. They were very strong and I just kind of took them in. Mind you, I wasn’t staring at them. I just took a long glance and then kept appreciating them in my minds’ eye (I know, it sounds a bit strange but it’s what it takes!). Very strong. Solid. I felt my body tingle a bit. And I was smiling. At my purse.


And then I look up.


And he’s seriously grinning from ear to ear. His cheeks flush red and his fingers start stumbling on the keys.


“Uh, I’ll be right back.”


(Hmmm I wonder if he thinks I’m crazy? I thought)


A few minutes later, he returns and says, “I just spoke to my manager and he never reverses overdrafts, but he reversed all of yours. (He smiles goofily even bigger!) Is there anything else I can help you with? Would you like some coffee? Water for the road?”


(Oh my Goddess, it worked!)


“No, thanks! I’m walking. But thank you SO much for all your help!”


And I left, grinning from ear to ear. And I took a candy. It was my pleasure prize.


The bottom line:

Pleasuring yourself  and appreciating pleasure in others=increased happiness and unexpected returns. CLICK HERE TO TWEET THAT!



Your Turn: Leave a Comment + SHARE!


1. What’s YOUR pleasure activity? Name one that we can all share with each other to get ideas:


2. What’s one place that you will try this exercise this week? A park? At the grocery store? Report back your findings!


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6 replies
  1. Gunisha
    Gunisha says:

    Wow! That is really powerful and I have done this many times without even realizing I was doing it. 🙂 I will put a reminder on my phone to do something for myself daily.

  2. Diana
    Diana says:

    For me It’s all about getting outside – digging in the garden, cutting the grass, taking a walk at the beach , YOGA! Pleasuring yourself IS POWERFUL medicine!!! Gotta LOVE YOURSELF if you wanna be LOVED!
    Diana IT WORKS!! THANK U!
    Been seeing a GREAT man for about a month & I like how our relationship is progressing!
    Find myself worrying if I’m being “right” doing “right” etc…. He’s given NO REASON for me to think this way
    – old habits are hard to break! 28 yrs of marriage, destroyed because of a 5 yr affair by my X has left me digging out of YRS of self doubt!
    So this afternoon I went for a lovely walk at the beach, brought my BFF an iced tea after, and I just finished cutting the grass & guess who texted to ask me to a movie Fri? My handsome lover!
    THANK U for ur blog Diana!
    Diana Achee

    • dianadorell
      dianadorell says:

      What a beautiful example of you stepping into your pleasure zone and getting what you wanted! Thank you so much for sharing this Diana! Keep up the great work and keep us posted on the shifts! Much Love, Diana

  3. Dorel
    Dorel says:

    My pleasure(s) start at the beginning of my day when I greet the world outside my patio door and receive inner joy from the singing birds that visit me and bring a smile to my face. I am ever so grateful to have the simple things bring me such great returns on my investments…that is investing in me, myself and I. Another pleasure is to dress classy and coordinated so that when I go from my home to place of work, I feel good about me and what I am wearing and I somehow feel more respected and also magnetic. In the evening, my greatest pleasure is taking a walk at a nearby park with my beloved dog named Luna and then settling in for the night either reading or watching a program on television or sometimes just listening to music. The weekends are for bike riding and or hiking and spending time with my family and friends. I would say that we must all TREASURE our PLEASURES everyday like a personal mantra that we practice the art of pleasuring our spirit as much as we love ourselves.

    • Diana
      Diana says:

      Love all your pleasures Dorel! Especially the color coordinating one-it’s very simple but there’s something about the vibration of matching colors that lifts the Soul! thanks for sharing!


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