Happy Wednesday! 

Have you ever gone into a random story where you go over and over a situation in your head so much, even your pets are like… whoa, Mama. Let it go already?! (and pet me!!!)

Without sharing a novel with you, I experienced this two weeks ago. 

I’m usually a solid sleeper, but found myself tossing and turning, obsessing and picking over everything I said or did and what everyone involved in said situation did and said too. 

Was I a horrible person? 

Did I misunderstand ‘them’ or misread the signs? 

What was wrong with me? 

I was driving myself crazy and then my partner pointed out under his breath, “Yea but now you know and you learn.” 

He shuffled off to do his thing, leaving me stumped in the kitchen and then it hit me-I had never even considered all that had gone well, although the outcome felt less than celebratory. 

Celebration had never even entered into my mind!

When it comes to relationships, taking stock of the seemingly small wins along the way can lead to: 

a) a more positive outlook which helps you vibrate positive vibes to others, making you more attractive

b) enhances your self-image (and narrative about yourself), which affects everything!


c) momentum-you get more of what you focus on! 

The aspects energetically right now may feel contradictory, challenging or confusing. 

But really, they are just inviting all of us to slow down, check ourselves and trust the process. 

So this week, I invite you to ask yourself the following: 

  1. What is one awesome lesson I’ve learned this week/month/today that I will carry forward? 
  2. What is a “win” I choose to celebrate? 
  3. What is something I am proud of? 

Lean into those…know you’re exactly where you need to be and remember to have fun. 

Challenge: Hit reply/leave a comment and let me know the answer to one of the 3 questions above. 

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