Happy Wednesday! 

“One thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning.” – James Russell Lowell 

I’m a huge fan of tea bag wisdom-and when it comes to relationships, so often you can feel like your intuition has failed you. 

Maybe you made an error in judgement, or there was one (or more) red flags you chose to ignore, or anytime really in life the felt ‘off’ and you kept going hoping it would change. 

But this quote reminds me to share with you that no matter what happened before, you can always, always take a breath, acknowledge what you feel, and begin again. 

Beating yourself up for what you chose to doin the past robs you of the brilliance of the present and all the amazing people and experiences that want to come on your path. 

And when something feels ‘off’ next time, you can make a different choice. 

It’s when we are scared we aren’t going to find anything better that we tolerate crap or crumbs, right? 

But wouldn’t you rather be pricked by one thorn than have to trudge through a garden full of thorns, pretending to smile and act like everything is okay when it’s clearly not? 

So, today I’d love to offer you a mantra you can use to forgive yourself for anything you feel you may have overlooked, been silly not to notice, or anywhere you’re beating yourself up for something in the past and are ready to call your energy back. 


Forgiveness mantra/Divine script: channeled 

“Dear Spirit, I now fully own the choices I made in (insert situation) and take full personal responsibility for my part in it. I trust that it has made me stronger and I now forgive and release myself and forgive and release anyone and everyone I am still holding negative energy or ill will towards in this situation. I choose to be free and I now call back all my energy and power from all the places I gave it away, knowingly and unknowingly. My intuition is getting stronger everyday. All is well. The Divine is in charge. I choose to be in peace.” 

Q: Are you ready to forgive yourself and stop beating yourself up? 

If so, say YES in the comments!

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