Happy Wednesday! 

How is your week going? 

As we approach October, the invitation is to honor your sensitivity.

Honor yourself.

Your body may be asking you to slow down.

Or your mind may need a break from obsessing about something.

Will you listen?

I wanted to send you October’s Goddess Guidance Oracle Message early so you can prepare for the month ahead.

Important dates to note:

Thursday, Oct 1 – Full Moon in Aries: This is all about independence, passion and leadership. Where do you need to be the leader in your life?

Friday, Oct 16 – New Moon in Libra/Scorpio: This is about diplomacy and at the same time, honouring your deepest most intense passions. Kinda a paradox but the question is “Can you express your most important desires in a graceful way so that others can truly hear you?”

Enjoy the video!

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