3 Ways to Deal with Delays

Delays. Miscommunications. Frustration.

Any of the above sound familiar to you?

It’s actually a blessing in disguise but if you are new to looking at energetic cycles, the whole thing can be maddening, confusing and make you question yourself big time.

To keep it simple, basically starting the 23rd of this month (Saturday) to March 17, there is a particular astrological shift called Mercury Retrograde. It’s a time when the planet Mercury (which rules communication) basically decides to take a snooze and sit this one out. This period actually gets a very bad rap but I have come to actually embrace and love the Retrograde cycles.

To help you make the most of the weeks to come, I’d like to share some other dates and THREE ways that you can prepare for this (and dare I say, actually ENJOY) the delays!


1. Back-up your systems NOW

(and buy any necessary electronic devices before the 23rd or after the 17th!) 

  • Do you have an external hard drive or back-up system for your computer? If not, consider investing in one NOW before the 23rd. (Wow…I’m also reminding myself as I write this!)

NOTE: If you buy between the 23rd-March 17th,  there’s a high probability that something electronic you buy could have a defect and you’d have to take it back to the store.

  • Consider putting your contact info or taping a business card to the back of important electronics like your cellphone or laptop, especially if you plan to travel during this time.
  • Have a reservation somewhere? Call ahead and TRIPLE CHECK you’re in the books! Things can go awry, paperwork can get lost and the more you can plan for the unexpected and have details handy, the smoother this ride will be. If you have a plane to catch, get there earlier than you would and pack light if possible. Bring a book in case you encounter lines or gate changes, etc.


 2. Listen to your BODY (seriously listen)

  • What foods has your body been asking you to avoid? Are you listening or ignoring?
  • Great time to start a cleanse, eliminate the stuff you KNOW is toxic. Also, if you’re bored with your workout routine, now is the perfect time to change it up and ask yourself, “What would sound like FUN?” Listen to your body vs. the scale or even your head to let you know what type of movement to commit to. The more you move your body, the more energy you release and the greater the space you create for more to come your way.
  • If you are curious about doing a cleanse, check out Tanuja P’s Love your Body Project


3.  Reconnect and Make Amends

  • Has an old friend, lover or perhaps “enemy” that you have been trying to avoid been coming up in your mind? Perhaps it’s time to have that uncomfortable conversation, to let go and to open up space for a new connection (maybe with them or maybe with someone else!)
  • What or who do you perceive has HURT you? That’s the place to look inside yourself for what is still needing to heal. This is a great time to take your energy and power back in that situation by asking yourself, “What was my role in all this? What did I agree to that maybe I would not have agreed to now?” Listen. Learn. And then it becomes a lesson vs. something you have to survive.
  • Great time to see old friends, have an impromptu gathering, swap clothes/objects/anything you’ve outgrown that could be someone else’s treasure. De-clutter + FUN=the name of the game.


To top it ALL off, on the 25th (Next Monday), we have a FULL MOON energy around, so it will be especially important to wrap-up unfinished business with another, yourself and I’m feeling intuitively, anything related to finances and the government (hello tax preparation!). Create a plan, get your papers in order, enlist help where you feel overwhelmed and remember that it’s okay to FEEL the emotions. They are there to inform you but you are more than your emotions. Listen to what they have to say, move with them and they will carry you light and free through this Retrograde. You’ll come out the other side ideally:

  • Clearer in what you want
  • With a clean, open and de-cluttered heart and home/space
  • More compassion and appreciation for the simple things, including your connections with others

 See. It’s actually a GREAT period. Easy does it. I’m rooting for you! 

Take Action: Your Turn! 

1. Which one (#1, 2 or 3) speaks to YOU to work on this week? Why?

2. Post a comment using the “Leave a Comment” on the right side of this blog! Let’s connect! 

3. Did you enjoy this post? 

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Have a fantastic week and I look forward to hearing all about the miracles and manifestations you create during this Retrograde/upcoming Full moon energy cycle. To YOU! 

With Love and Blessings,Diana 


With my orange tree. Mother Nature reminds me that we are ALL abundant!

With my orange tree. Mother Nature reminds me that we are ALL abundant!

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4 replies
  1. Rachel Brown
    Rachel Brown says:

    Hi Diana-

    I am kinda bummed to have opened your newsletter this week cuz now I am completely confused. Perhaps you can address it, I can’t be the only one. I am looking at a new home plus a new job and I am focusing a lot of energy on getting moving in those directions. Amusingly I have been saying, somewhat unconsciously to myself “I hope nobody mentions that it’s Merc Ret.” which a)happens alot, Merc Ret. that is, it’s almost quarterly. b) I feel like it happens a lot that when I ‘have’ to move or get a job Merc Ret is also happening. Grr. But mostly, I feel like there is a aspect of fear mongering…or at least, trying to predict the future and in this case, avoid stuff expect delays etc…it’s not even a fun future and that can become a self fufilling phrophsey sooooo quickly, especially for me. who is use to looking coincidences. I am personally trying to climb out of the thinking that Life is hard, or can the future can be predicted.
    Also, we live in a world that has enough delays, miscommunication, and electronic break downs that it kinda funny to think there is a ‘special’ time for this to be especially true.

    Being an air sign, I find Life pretty challenging. The ‘doing’ part of life…like getting resumes done, taking action steps to find a new home. And its so hard that I wonder the whole time if Iam on the right track, maybe the ‘energy’ isn’t right, maybe I’m not really listening to myself or hearing God or etc….

    Do you get my dilema?:) So, now I am feeling caught between Oh it Merc Ret. maybe all this challenge is a sign…or C’mon, thats bs, just keep going and work towards the Life you really want. -hm

    • dianadorell
      dianadorell says:

      Hi Rachel!
      Thanks so much for your comment. So, a few things pop up that can apply to EVERYONE reading this post:

      1. Mercury Retro or any other energetic period is NEVER an excuse to stop trusting yourself or to stop you from taking intuitive action you feel is right for you. It’s simply something you can be aware of to help you navigate things as you go through them vs. letting yourself fall into worry or anxiety (that is the Human self) when things aren’t moving as fast as you want them to. but take action!

      2. It sounds like you’re taking action towards the life you want. Keep it up! (Again, just an invitation: as you are sending out those resumes, looking at homes, just double check the address, typos, etc.)

      3. It may be fun to experiment with just noticing when you tend to fall into “Am I on the right track?” thinking (which tends to be very black and white/Yes/No energy) and instead consider asking a more open question to yourself like, “How does this (action, situation) feel right now?” (It doesn’t stop you from TAKING action at all, but it gets you present to what’s going on for you in the moment.

      Hope that helps and congratulations on all the changes you are co-creating!
      Love and Blessings,

  2. Desiree Jackson
    Desiree Jackson says:

    Hi Diana,

    You are always (as ever) “RIGHT ON THE MARK”. I am now entering into a new phase of my life (career and finances). I applied for a job with the Alameda County Superior Court and it is a trying a long hiring process (application, written test and several oral panel interviews). I have listed to and acknowledged all of the signs – the universe is telling me “FINALLY, the time has arrived”. Although, I am sometimes a “little slow” in the acknowledgment department. I KNOW that I am being blessed.

    It’s just that I am so IMPATIENT. After reading your email and your tips, I have realized that everything good comes in time.

    Thank you for your beautiful insights and love,

    • dianadorell
      dianadorell says:

      Hi Desiree!

      Thanks so much for sharing this.
      Yes, especially with a government organization, there can be lots of processes that are going on behind the scenes, but the Universe works with our feeling and our Highest Good. Impatience is normal when we really really want something, so be gentle with yourself 🙂 It can also help us know where our desire really lies. Sending you so many hugs!
      Love and Blessings,


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