Do this before 2016…the easiest way to bring in a miracle

60cea576-3164-4e2a-b6f7-a372004875d8Confession: I’m writing this in my pajamas and fuzzy socks.


And my new soft hot pink hoodie.


It’s way overcast here in the desert and I finally surrendered to the quiet and darkness of winter here in the States.


I gave myself permission to meander through my morning with no set agenda.


To tune into what my body wanted and what pulls at my heart…and what doesn’t (even if it has been on my to-do list for the whole week).


It’s one of the first assignments I give my private VIP clients; we call it scheduling in non-negotiable “Goddess Flow” time.


It’s meant to restore your creative juices, rest your logical, overdriven brain and reconnect you to your spiritual center.


From that delicious space comes the feeling of what you want to create and pull in next to your life.


Your “vision.”


Most of us have been taught to do it backwards.


Write down to-do’s and tasks and goals….but the problem with that is that if it’s not connected to something you truly desire, like really really desire, it’s super easy to slack, come up with excuses to not stay the course when things get wobbly and basically, stay exactly where you are.


Reframe self-care:


Slowing down not just for indulgent pampering time, but reframing it to be a necessary preparation to birthing a desire is a totally different energy, isn’t it?


How would it feel to say, “I’m having Goddess flow time right now so that I can hear what steps I might take towards pulling in a new relationship….or a new client…or a new job, etc”


Suddenly that slow down time has a purpose, a bigger WHY.


It’s a powerful place to start manifesting and because the energy is so strong now, I don’t want you to wait until January to put this into place.


So I invite you to bring it into your life now.


Diana DorellThis week’s Soul action: Take out your calendar. Pick one block of time each day (or each week, it’s up to you!) where you will have “Flow” time. Open space.


To let your Soul breathe.


To actually tune into what your desires are, so your brilliant mind can help fill in the blanks of what you can do to birth them.


It could be 10 minutes, 1 hour or the whole day. Choose a starting point that feels easy and then build up.


It’s so easy to say, “I don’t have time to do ‘nothing,’ Diana! I have responsibilities!”


I hear you Goddess.


But I don’t buy it.


We all have responsibilities and we all have 24 hours in a day.


It comes down to this.


Do you want life to lead you and have you be at the mercy of your circumstances?




Do you want to be a Goddess and co-create a fabulous life with Spirit that honors you and supports your dreams?


The choice is yours!


I’d write more, but I’m signing off to go to the bookstore and read magazines.


After all, it’s my Goddess flow time 🙂


Have a fabulous holiday however you choose to celebrate and we will talk soon, okay?


Love and Blessings,


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